Sunday, October 07, 2012

the dice box

This past week, as well as almost finishing up the 100 cards for my board game (only 8 left to create), I got me an awesome dice box!

A dice box is one of those things every insane gamer needs when they find themselves with a mitt-full of dice to roll. You can see from the above image that I now have my very own.

The 6d12s and 1d6 you see inside the box are part of my new game. But you must be dying to know where I got this cool dice box from and where to get your own . . . right?

Well, I didn’t buy it - I made it!

Yup, a quick trip to Michael’s yesterday and I found myself a hinged box where the bottom part was the ideal size for my concept of a dice box.

All I needed next was a piece of felt, which was easily found at this craft store. I had my choice of any colour, and I mean any colour, but stuck with pool table green. I got the peel and stick felt to make my life easier - some cutting, but no gluing.

I had some stain left over from doing our fireplace mantle years ago which I applied to darken the raw light-coloured wood of the box bottom.

An hour or so later and - voila - dice box!

Now this is not necessary to play any games with dice, but it sure beats the heck out of searching under the table every few enthusiastic rolls that propel the dice from the playing surface.

So yes, as mentioned earlier, I am a hair away from completing my own board game. Well, the nuts and bolts part anyhow. I still have rules to type up and some tweaks to make to the board - plus a dozen or so counters to make.

But, I’m confident that soon (soon can mean different things to different people . . .) I will have a finished prototype to torture play with my friends.

See what happens when tennis is cancelled for a week?

And I did manage to get together earlier this week with a friend and have a go at Last Night On Earth. I must say, for me playing the Zombies, it was a hoot.

The game teetered back and forth as to who would win the scenario (save 4 townsfolk before the sun goes down) and it was not until the last heroes turn on the last heroes move that the outcome was known.

The heroes barely pulled it off by rescuing the last of 4 townsfolk in the very last move of the game - but it was not a sure thing at any point as I was almost always 1 wound away from killing a hero or two.

I have to add that at the end of the game, two turns before, the supermarket was taken over by a Zombie horde so the ending was doubly cool as my mass of supermarket Zombies were shambling towards the heroes at the very end game.

This game is so very thematic, so very fun and so very much going to be played again soon.

And yes, my new dice box will be coming along for that show.

Well, again, time slips away like a Dick novel, so I must away . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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