Sunday, October 21, 2012

just add colour

No, that is not a spelling error in the title - it’s how we spell colour in Canada, eh.

And speaking of colour - what a display I’m seeing from the maple trees in the local woods these days. Just spectacular!

Which can only mean one thing.

I’ve been spending time this past week making some colour pieces for my game. Home world hexes now have green, blue and red dots representing the three commodities in my game . . .

. . . and I realize that without a reference you have no bloody idea of what I speak.

Um, maybe at a later date I’ll add in some images and then you will have a better picture - in colour.

So I finally got to smack the tennis ball around again this week after a lull of almost a month.

Funny how the muscles I thought were in good tennis shape have been giving me pain the past two days - damn you old age, damn you to hell!

And I broke a string.

But I have two rackets, so no big deal except for the cost of string replacement.

So, I have finally been convinced (well almost) to give Martin a read - it seems many, and I mean many, people seem to enjoy his Song of Ice and Fire series . . .

I could go on a rant about how I don’t think it is necessary to write more than 1000 pages per novel - and never end the goddamn series - but I will just leave it there.

If I can find proof that Martin does indeed have a definitive END in mind, then I will pick up A Game of Thrones and get on with it.

If I find he is just another Erikson, Jordon or Goodkind . . . then, sorry, but I’m going to pass.

And did I mention that today is game day again?

Off to visit a friend and bring along a couple of board games to enjoy - Last Night on Earth (no, not because Tabletop featured it this week) and the Summoner Wars Master Set.

Both are fairly short and both, I find, are loads of fun.

And I must confess I have also been playing the PC version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown this week . . . and while it is not as good as XCOM: UFO Defense (from 1994) it is still a worthy successor and fun in its own right.

Well, as always happens Sunday mornings, I’m now out of space and time . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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