Sunday, October 14, 2012

cards of gray

WooHoo for me!

I’ve finished all 100 cards for my prototype Sci-Fi game . . .

. . . now for the hard part.

Which is - going over all 100 cards to make sure they make sense while you are playing the game. Nothing screws over a game more than ambiguous rules or poorly written card instructions causing players to argue about their interpretation. Nothing!

And I know that despite my best efforts and edits there will still be cards that just don’t cut it.

That’s where my gaming friends will come in - to hit me over the head with those fuzzy lines of text and make them clear.

So, with the cards actually written, it’s time for me to make the odd bits - but not too many.

I like counters and tokens and such in games, but there comes a point where there are just too damn many of them and you end up with ziplock bags full of stuff you may A) never use and/or B) never can find when you need them because there are too damn many ones you don’t need.

And I got to thinking my game could handle up to 8 players, but I don’t think it can. In reality I think it can handle up to 6 at the most with 4 likely the sweet spot.

I was happy with myself as well for thinking about how to make each card the same in the prototype card deck so you don’t know what is coming up next.

Index cards - with sticky labels of text stuck to the backs . . .

A short list of things I have left to do include making home system hexes, typing out the rules, making mine tokens, making matched pairs of number tokens - and colouring the playing board to satisfy my daughter . . .

And still no tennis for me this week - damn!

I was put on a waiting list and had to skip another week so, I had to do extra exercise on the torture device instead (elliptical trainer) which is not nearly as fun.

And this almost 50 crap is starting to rankle. I need to do a lot of exercise to stay in shape at this age, but boy do I seem to pay for it every morning waking up - which seems to be an exercise in pain all on its own.

Yes, I know I should do yoga and get messages and face east and inhale incense other assorted remedies people swear by to cure old age - but sorry, doesn’t work for me.

I’m more the work through the pain, stretch out as best I can and suck it up kinda guy. My issue is not the current old age so much as the what I did to my body in my young age.

Listen kids - do not abuse your young body - it will come back to bite you - hard!

And I finished 70 books so far this year - the most I think of any year I’ve been keeping records since 1988 . . . yeah, I am one of those.

Well, gotta go and do other things.

Until next Sunday . . .

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