Sunday, September 16, 2012

the kitchen sync

So I have this old SanDisk 512 Meg MP3 player, which also plays WMA files too.

This is great for me since early in my music ripping excitement days, I ripped my files to WMA format - I do MP3 now that I know better.

It also has a built in radio, which I didn’t realize until about a year ago . . . I’ve had it for about five.

Yeah, a bit slow on the technology uptake . . . but hey, we can’t all be boy geniuses.

It seems the weather is going to prohibit me from taking my long walks soon - yeah, I’m wimpy too . . . it’s just that my cane slips on the ice too much . . .

So, to combat the imminent winter flab I’m now the proud owner of a reciprocal trainer . . . or the rack, as I like to call it.

And, the cool thing? - you can plug an MP3 player directly into the self-torture device. It has a set of speakers so you can listen to what you want as you abuse yourself.

Sound fun?

It is.

Kinda . . . well, the music part anyhow.

I’m thinking that once my muscles get used to the strain of these workouts on the rack things will get a bit easier . . . why do I not believe myself? . . . maybe I lack credibility?

Anyhow, with regards to tennis . . . you know, that sport I like to play . . . well, I’m down to once a week, sometimes twice.

I’ve recently, just last week, changed the strings I’m using - and I’m sucking heavily at the moment because of it.

The new strings, Head’s Rip Control, have incredible grip on the ball, which I love. The not love part is when I spray balls around because the strings also have way more trampoline effect to them than the old Wilson Stamina strings I switched from.

Still, my backhand on Friday was downright scary. I nailed a half dozen or more rippers around 100 mph ala Federer . . . well, okay maybe 80 mph ala oldish guy. Anyway, for me it was awesome and in part due to the new strings.

However, my forehand sailed long 2 out of 3 times, my drop shots were like short lobs and my serve sucked pretty badly. In time, like a couple months, I’ll figure the stings out and then . . .

. . . I will suck less!

Well, I can see time slipping away this morning, so I’m heading out for my long walk while I sitll can before the snows fly . . .

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Zilla's Other Half10:35 am

    Gad - no snows yet - we're not ready! In the meantime, try ripping them in FLAK, better sound quality as MP3's are already degraded. Talk to Mssr. about it this week if you want to know more.

  2. er . . . FLAK . . . um . . . okay.


  3. Anonymous12:06 am

    Just to be snotty about it the term is 'FLAC' (Free Lossless Audio Codec). It's a very good way to 'rip' original CD's and whatnot for *storage*. The FLAC's can then be used to convert to decent quality MP3s that won't be quite as large.

    Example Parsons 'Games People play' as a moderately compressed FLAC clocks in at 26 Meg which we then converted to 'serve' on our media server as a 224kbps MP3 clocking in at 7 Meg.

    Obviously there are many storage options it's just that FLAC is friendly, widely supported, and open source.