Sunday, September 02, 2012

on the treadmill

My projects have pretty much stumbled, staggered and ground to a halt this summer.

I am so looking forward to the start of the school year!

It means that the daylight hours will be mine again, all mine, my precious - all day, most every day, except weekends, holidays or when my family is home sick.

Call me selfish, but after this summer’s distractions, I really miss those hours where I can work on my projects in the quiet of my own home without external distractions of any sort - quiet time is Gold-Pressed Latinum!

And I know by saying "projects" I’m getting all cryptic and such, but trust me on this one.

Contrary to my usual autumn posts I’m not going to outline my personal goals. No, I’m keeping them to myself this time and will only reveal then once they are ready for general consumption - the good consumption, not the wasting disease of old . . .

And I’ve had a week and a half break from tennis as our club’s court has been under repairs. The club’s six clay courts have been re-clayed with new lines put down. I can’t relay to you how happy this makes me.

You see, the old lines were pretty much worn down to nothing and as slippery as ice. I may have mentioned my spill a few months back when I slipped on one of the old lines and went for an undignified tumble across the court - it only took six weeks for my ribs to stop hurting . . .

Also, having played this summer on hard courts - used to be my fav when I was a pup - I can tell you they are damn hard on my old knees. In fact I’m still suffering an aggravated patellar tendon because of them.


The clay courts are so much better for avoiding this kind of injury. Guess I’ll stick to them for the duration of my tennis career to save my body any more issues.

I would like to be able to walk well into my 50s, thank you very much.

Some old guy advice - free - don’t abuse your body when you are in your late teens and early twenties like I did because you will pay for it when you get close to 50 . . . there, old guy advice ends.

And one last well wish for my good friend who’s mother passed away this past week - that just sucks dude - take care!

Well, I can, by the way my word processor just jumped to a new page, tell that I have taken up enough of your time this day.

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Zilla's Other Half9:29 am

    I pick him up Tuesday night.

  2. Well, I hope all went well - as well as these things can go anyhow.