Sunday, September 30, 2012

could be your last night on earth

Going to talk a little bit about a fantastic Zombie board game today.

That game is Last Night on Earth by Flying Frog Productions.

First thing I need to say about the game is the components are second to none. I have never seen a game with thicker playing card stock - ever. And I’ve played dozens of games that use cards.

I just can’t say enough about how thick and tough they are.

The playing board itself, main square center and 6 L shaped outer sections, is also made from good quality non-warped stock.

The miniatures are made from a softer plastic than most other games I’ve played, but they are detailed if a bit misleading since a character portrait may have them holding a pistol when their miniature is holding a pump shotgun - but that is not too big a deal.

The player character cards are as thick and the same size, but much more glossy, than Defenders of the Realm. Same card stock is used for the Scenarios. Just great quality here.

And now we get to the artwork. What is unique about the graphics is they use live actors for every piece of artwork. And, well done to boot. B-Movie scenes one every card.

Now, the part that really makes the difference no matter how good the components are. How does it play?

That is where this game really shines. You can play from 2-6 people and must always have somebody play the zombies. The balance is almost perfect with the end games having you wondering who is going to win.

And what fun it is to play either side. The Heroes have better abilities (move faster and have guns!) than the zombies but are usually on the clock trying to complete a scenario objective before the sun goes down, but the zombies are way more plentiful.

There are 5 scenarios with the base game plus another 5 official ones you can download off the web. With the expansions and web supplements I think there are now around 20 scenarios - Holy wow! And, with a little creativity you can make up your own.

And these scenarios are all pretty different which makes any two games not the same. Even if you play the same scenario the variety of cards you might draw and Heroes you play with makes it different. And there are so many optional rules to make the game more interesting to boot - like barricades, special weapon-wielding zombies, and a whole raft of others.

The Heroes really do need to coordinate their activities or they will shortly find themselves overrun by zombies.

The Zombies move slowly but relentlessly. So much fun to play them and try to box the Heroes in, then go for those juicy brains.

If you can only buy one board game this year, and you like the B-Movie Zombie Horror theme - this is absolutely a must and truly awesome.

Until next Sunday . . .

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