Sunday, August 12, 2012

one of two fiction snippets

Today’s post will be the first of two short snippets of writing I orated last night at our reading night gathering. The second will appear tomorrow - Bonus?!

These shorts are what they are - created purely for entertainment - today’s selection does contain some profane words . . . and probe references . . . you have been warned.


Fiction Snippet One:
by Paul Darcy

There was a moth banging into the window most of the night. At least, that’s what it appeared to be. Now, after regressive hypnosis, I know this to be untrue.

You see, what I thought was a moth was in fact, them. The Grays. Evil little bastards from another dimension using mind control and anal probes with abandon. Well, I’ve got their number now and tonight when they come calling they are in for a surprise. I’ve hired Morley Fenn, private eye and world savior. He’s camping out in my room right now with his infrared gear and shock sticks. Ha, are those little Gray bastards going to get a jolt when they try their mojo on my sleeping form.

Of course, what if they don’t come tonight? I never thought of that until just now. Well, I’ll cross that bridge when it comes.

Suddenly there is a flash of light from outside my window.

What was that?

I wait for the rumble of thunder, but nothing. The silence continues, and even Morley makes not a sound. Maybe I imagined it. But, Morley assured me, they are real and I’m not going insane. Of course his reputation as a nutcase does not reassure me that he is correct, but I know what I’ve experienced the past few months. My butt still hurts when I go to the bathroom. I was not imagining the probing.

My last conscious thought is looking at the clock on my bedside table. Ten minutes to three in morning. It’s always three in the morning when they come, at least that’s what I recall. I’ll just stay awake another ten minutes and then . . . and then . . .

Suddenly I’m wide awake and looking into that little round gray egg head with wrap around eyes. Inside my mind I hear it telling me not to panic. Not panic - Are you fucking kidding me!

I’m paralyzed, unable to move. The little bastard has put the whammy on my and I’m powerless to move, talk. Shit, where is Morley! Did they incapacitate him as well? It leans over me, smelling of compost. I imagine that little slit of a mouth opening, giving me a french kiss. I want to scream, reach out and punch its lights out, but I can’t.

The little gray bastard is shrinking, then I realize that what is really happening is I’m starting to float. It’s pointing some wand or stick or something at me and I notice now another one on the other side of my bed. Just as suddenly as I’m starting to move across the bed I fall the few inches back onto the covers and I can move, think again.

I hear a voice yell across my room, "Okay punks, go ahead, make my night!"

Morley is here, and it’s payback time.

I jump up from my bed and am standing beside the little gray with the stick. I’m half asleep but my punch still lands with a sickening meaty smack. The gray goes down, its stick like body collapsing like a house of sticks . . . hey, I’m half asleep here.

The last thing I recall is Morley pointing something at the other gray, there is a bright flash of light, then nothing.

The End.

Until tomorrow when you get snippet number two . . .


  1. Zilla's Other Half8:39 am

    They were all quite enjoyable and even out of character for you. This one really struck me as having potential to go somewhere or be part of something larger. Apparently a break was a good thing cause these were all some darned good writing.

  2. Thanks,

    and it is a behind the scenes look at my next big writing project . . . when I get to it.