Sunday, August 05, 2012

mid summer melt

Summer is just whizzing by . . . sort of.

We got a real dose of its cruelty yesterday with the temperatures approaching that of our sun’s chromosphere, and the humidity of a tropical rain forest to boot. Still, a whole bunch of loonies were out mowing their lawns . . . um, yeah.

I stayed in, watched a couple Buffy episodes with my daughter, did some quality reading and ate a popsicle, or two.

I’ve barely scraped past the 60 books read mark and need to pick up the pace a bit if I want to achieve my goal of 84 by year’s end.

I also created a few more cards for my board game. Woohoo for me - I passed the half way mark of the 100 I want to make.

And as you can tell the heat and humidity have adversely affected my grey matter . . . sorry about that.

I did manage a few days ago to load Skype on my machine though so now I can keep in contact with my family more easily . . . and cheaply.

And others out there that feel the urge to contact me via video/audio link now have the opportunity. Just search for Paul Darcy, same picture as here.

Stalkers need not apply though, or serial killers, rapists, spammers . . . the list could go on and on, but I’ll change the subject instead.


Been playing quite well the last two weeks. Even winning twice out of three times and coming a close second the third . . .

But my body is protesting the punishment. It gets no better with age - so say my elder counterparts in the club. Orthotic inserts, pain killers, physio, no fries or cheeseburgers beforehand . . . I can hardly wait!

Still loads of fun even though I’ve really tried to tone down my game from young guy eager to old guy relaxed.

Well today, with all the pending thunderstorms brewing, I may have to dive into a big board game with my daughter and maybe even convince my wife to play as well.

Until next Sunday . . .

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