Sunday, August 19, 2012

busy crazy old guy fun

So, this week turned out to be a sort of vacation for me (yeah I pretty much slacked off) . . . and I’m tuckered out because of it.

You see, the girls were gone for the entire week leaving me to batch it like it’s 1999 . . . or something . . .

Did I party! . . . um, no.

Did I drink! . . . um, no.

Did I dance! . . . you have got to be kidding me, right?

No, what I did was game to excess. And finish book number 62 for the year.

Yeah, when you advance in age it’s all about the exciting intellectual pursuits because, well, the body does not want to play nice anymore with regards to the first three mentioned activities.

And wisdom tells one that doing any one of those three to excess when one is on the descending slope of life leads to a world of pain . . . for a long time afterwards. You know, when I was . . . OMG - not going there!

So (he said with glee), I got to play multiple games of Sentinels of the Multiverse, Zombie Dice, Star Trek the deck building game, Castle Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon and Arkham Horror . . . Wil Wheaton - eat your Tabletop gaming heart right out with a melon ball scooper!

But all that sitting and concentrating and cussing (when we were getting out aching butts handed to us) took its toll and I still ache as I type this post up.

Still, I had a blast and would do it all again any week.

Oh, and another super cool highlight of my week - getting a new clock! . . .

Hey, old guy here - let me have my small joys.

Now you would think getting a new clock would be sort of boring, and for most it likely is.

But this is no ordinary clock.

You see, it’s linked via the ether to an atomic clock in Colorado and updates itself automatically . . .


No squeal of excitement? - or, Paul, OMG?! - where can I get mine!

Okay, maybe it’s just me then . . .

I just thought it was so cool putting in the batteries and having it home in on the mothership’s signal and update itself. It even recognized my time zone and will automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time - and is supposed to be accurate to within a fraction of a second . . .

Yes, I am amused and excited by things most are not.

And, by looking at said aforementioned clock, I see I have used up my allotted rambling time for this week . . . and so, I’ll tend to my aches and pains, and leave you to get on with your day.

Have a good one!

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Zilla's Other Half8:40 am

    So does the clock contact the mothership too and tell them your position? :P

  2. Upon further inspection of the device it would seem the Daylight Savings and Time Zome were already pre-set.

    So, no. Only the mothership sends out data to the device.

    It does displays inside temp though - in C or F - your choice!