Sunday, July 29, 2012

fun with games

Yup, today is games day for our gaming group. We are taking a small summer breather from D&D and playing board games because this fits in better with vacation schedules.

To that end I’m bringing along "Defenders of the Realm" and "Elder Sign" today.

We should be able to get in one game of each as both games are not likely to run over two hours a piece.

My own board game construction is mired in the encounter card production stage. I’m trying hard to come up with creative and non-repetitive cards so the variety of any one game to another will be maintained.

It’s no easy task.

But I’m past the 1/3 mark and going, I hope, pretty strongly.

Still shooting to have a prototype ready by September for play testing.

And on the tennis front - I seem to have pulled something in the front of my left leg below the knee . . . I thought it was just a knock on the shin that was causing me twinges of pain.

But it appears to be something else. It will pass in time I’m sure, but it does irritate.

And just as I predicted, with the onset of nice weather my reading has been slowing down. I’ve only finished four books this month and that looks like about it.

I’m thinking that should pick up again sometime around October.

Still on track to meet or exceed my goal of 84 books read this year though - so that is good.

Oh, just one other thing with regards to games - I’ve had a look at the War of the Ring updated version in a tin box which upgrades the game to 2nd edition from 1st. Me wants it - me wants it a lot!

War of the Ring is a fine game, but the original version of the game (1st edition, which I own) has card text which is so small even my daughter has trouble reading it . . . yeah, it’s that bloody small.

But - the new updated version has cards which are about 1 ½ times bigger with correspondingly bigger text that us oldies will be able to read - maybe even without glasses. Yes, I will be getting the updated cards during my next visit to the game shop and revisiting this great game.

Well, not a whole bunch more left to report for the week so I’ll leave off, get some housework done, and pack up the games for today’s festivities.

Until next Sunday . . .

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