Sunday, July 22, 2012

board again

I must say the dollar stores are a gold mine for aspiring board game prototype makers . . .

That’d be me, of course.

I have nearly everything I need now for my upcoming game - with the exception of the 100 encounter and world cards text I’m trying to crank out most every day.

And I will say that summer is the hardest time to crack down on in-the-house work. It’s just too darn nice outside most every day to be cooped up behind my computer typing.

But I do it anyway.

I have a major goal to have my prototype game ready for play testing by September . . . but, as I said, summer kicks the crap out of my sit and create mojo.

I am getting pretty excited about my game though, and I think it has a few cool mechanics that should add to a fun gaming experience.

More on that when the day of testing approaches. I may even include a few pictures as time goes by.

Oh, I am mostly recovered from last week’s kid minding too - if you were wondering.


Actually I played tennis yesterday and cleaned up. It was one of my "on" days and I missed few shots.

Feels good to be able to put the ball away more than once from skill and not just sheer luck.

I am using my Maxply McEnroe rackets too. They are really starting to work for me. Could be the two plus years of using them now and getting used to how they play. Still, nothing hits like my old Max 200Gs . . .

But I needed to move on from those 30 year old rackets, and I have.

I should be able to get a lot done this week as my family is away until next Sunday . . . then again, Steam did have a huge game sale . . . and I may have purchased a few cheap ones . . .

Oh dear, is that sunny weather outside my window as well?

As you may have guessed - discipline - is not my middle name.

Until next Sunday . . .

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