Sunday, June 03, 2012

board game weather

I love it when the weather sucks - as in too hot or too rainy.


Because it gives me the chance to do something I love to do.

Play board games with family and/or friends!

And it’s been rainy here the past two days which was a great excuse for pulling out a board game and giving it a go.

Been trying out a new version of Runebound, and it’s the best one so far - Mists of Zanaga.

Oh, if you are not interested in board games, then I apologize for this blog today which is primarily focused on them.

So, back to the bored . . . (I know - worst. pun. ever.)

Ahem . . .

Anyhow, the newest Runebound big board expansion (Zanaga) deals with completing rituals and awakening one of ten old gods - which are not happy to have their sleep disturbed. Very cool mechanic and fun to try and take the god down once it awakes though it is gosh-darn hard to do.

Another board game I just ordered for my B-Day is Defenders of the Realm. By all accounts it is just the kind of game I love playing.

Here are all the reasons.

It’s a fantasy themed board game. It takes, at most, about 2 hours to complete. Lots of cards. Lots of heroes (21 with the expansions). Lots of bits and tokens. Lots and lots of agonizing over the many choices your hero can take. It’s a co-op game of us vs the game. Lots of player interaction on every turn, even if it’s not yours. Boss battles. Magic gates . . . um, yeah, I am really excited about this one.

Oh, and I found out via the intertubes that both Runebound and Defenders can be played with a maximum of 6 players and not 4 as the boxes indicate.

This is a Huge plus for our gaming group which can be anywhere from 4 to 8 players depending on who is free on any given gaming day.

There - board game enthusiasm spent.

On to auctions.

No, I haven’t bought anything else this past week, but I did take a huge van load of stuff out to be auctioned off which puts cash back into my coffers for - what else - new board game purchases.

Now, do I get Battlestar Galactica . . . or . . . Elder Sign . . . or . . . Defenders of the Realm Dragon Expansion . . . or . . . yeah, I gots me a wee problem. ;)

Until next Sunday . . .

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