Sunday, June 24, 2012

new designs

What have I been doing this past week?

Um, well, designing and creating a board game - what else!

As you may or may not know, I’m pretty much a game fanatic. I love games of all sorts - a lot.

Computer, Board, RPG, dice . . . you name it and I pretty much love it.

And lately, with Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop showing up on my computer every other week, I’ve been getting even more stoked about them.

So, I got to thinking, if I like games so much why don’t I design one and see if I can make it a good one.

I also like Science Fiction - a lot.

The natural course for me to take then is designing a Science Fiction themed board game.

That’s what I’m up to.

I’m trying to come up with a game that has elements of Twilight Imperium 3, but a much more easy to learn and play and finish game while retaining the exploration and surprise encounter elements I really like in a game.

I’m also mixing in some features from such games as Runebound, Arkham Horror and Defenders of the Realm.

And I’m having a blast doing it. It really is true that if you are doing something you really love to do the time just blows by before you know it.

So far I have the prototype board made, most of the game pieces made (though I’m still searching dollar stores for a few appropriate pieces on the cheap) and, well, I’m scamming the Twilight Imperium 3 board game ship pieces . . . A bit tough to "make", so thanks Fantasy Flight for already providing them for me.

Of course, when I hammer out the rules and get it all set up I will game test if with our gaming group and see how it flies.

It should work fine for 1 - 6 players. Oh, and it uses d12 dice . . . yeah, d12s . . . I like d12s . . .

Which reminds me that today is games day for our group. Woot!

We will be playing some Zombie Dice for sure and then Battling the four generals in Defenders fo the Realm.

Have I mentioned how much I like games? . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, June 17, 2012

night of the living dad

So, it’s daddy day.

Yup, I’m one of those. But I’m not the traditional dad - not anymore that is.

Most dads spent a good portion of their lives in the workplace slaving away earning coin.

Been there, done that.

I’m at home now keeping the domestic domain in working order. And if you think this is something that is not work - wow, are you deluded in a big way.

Just saying dads don’t need to be appreciated based solely on how much they earn in the workplace. Appreciating your dad goes far beyond that silly measure.

In fact, ask just about any kid what they most appreciate about their dad and you will find that it’s not their job - but what they do with them by the way of after work or weekend activities.

So enough on that topic - appreciate you dad for what he is, not what he does for a job.

Well, yesterday, I got to play "Defenders of the Realm" with others . . . okay, one other - and managed to get in two games.

In the first game we defeated the four generals thus winning the game. My friend was thinking - so, what’s so hard about beating this game?

It seemed like we had little difficulty and should be able to repeat the process with four different player characters.

Um, yeah, okay.

So, on to the second game. We did seem to have things well in hand once more with two of the four generals gone.

Then, a few detrimental card draws later and the tables had turned. We made two attempts to take down the Dragon General - we had little choice - which ended with a hearty smack down for our characters.

Suffice to say, while we were licking our wounds and trying to regain traction for another attempt at stopping the Dragon General he just marched, pretty well undeterred, into the city and crushed our hopes of a second victory.

We will be playing this one again. It’s challenging, but fun right to the end - and it takes, at most, about two hours to complete a game.

Well, since it’s my day, I should make something of it. Oh, and I need to call my dad as well.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, June 10, 2012

goodly deeds

After reading about the suffering of my good friend over on his blog I’ve decided to share in his pain today.

Yeah, I’ll be heading over to his place to help him repair and stain his deck . . . in the blistering sun with humidity hovering somewhere around 600 percent . . .

Misery loves company . . . and suckers.

That’d be me.

Still, he has helped me numerous times in the past and it’s long overdue that I lend him a hand and repay his repeated kindnesses.

Now, as you may have read here many a time, I am not Mr. Handy. Still, I can stain boards and swing a hammer and wield a drill, when the need arises.

So, I’ll give it my best shot today and hope I don’t melt in the sun.

Because, on the morrow . . . I’m playing a tennis match for our club. And the silly thing is I’ve been put in Men’s 1 . . . which means nothing to you until I explain.

There are three tiers of men’s doubles in the league. Yup, 1, 2 and 3 where 1 is supposed to be the top players . . . guess our head pro thinks I’m up to being slotted in the top spot . . . um, okay.

So, with this said, I will likely be a hurting unit after helping with the deck reconstruction today and then tomorrow I really, really need to beat down the lawn with my chopping device . . . I should be in prime physical form Monday night for the match.

But hey, what kind of guy would I be if I refused both of these challenges, these fellow human beings crying out for assistance . . . okay, my friend did not ask for my help, but the tennis pro did . . . still.

Okay, on to the writing scene. Which, right now, seems to be a wasteland of darkness devoid of inspiration and content. Last night I had the sum total of nothing to read for our monthly reading night gathering . . . but next month I vow to have something to read . . . something new.

Like the start of this new novel I’m plotting out right now. Going to get moving on it within the next few weeks and start cranking out word count.

Well, at least that’s the plan.

As for reading - well, I’m still burning through books, and I think I just hit the 50 read this week.

As for games - I’ve soloed Defenders of the Realm a few times to nail down the rules, but I have yet to come close to winning. Man, that is a hostile game to beat. May need to figure out how to tone down the difficulty level a notch . . .

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a truly fun, fantastic co-op game, but I can see players growing tired of getting their collective butts handed to them on a copper platter every time they play it.

Ooooh - and as for role-playing, one of our gaming group is whipping together a Traveler style Sci-Fi game and I’m looking forward to playing it. I’ve been running our D&D sessions for the past year so this will be a welcome opportunity for me to play a character instead of trying to crush them all the time.

Well, I see by the words on the page that I’ve rambled on long enough. Off to find my work wear and sun block for the day’s labours still ahead.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, June 03, 2012

board game weather

I love it when the weather sucks - as in too hot or too rainy.


Because it gives me the chance to do something I love to do.

Play board games with family and/or friends!

And it’s been rainy here the past two days which was a great excuse for pulling out a board game and giving it a go.

Been trying out a new version of Runebound, and it’s the best one so far - Mists of Zanaga.

Oh, if you are not interested in board games, then I apologize for this blog today which is primarily focused on them.

So, back to the bored . . . (I know - worst. pun. ever.)

Ahem . . .

Anyhow, the newest Runebound big board expansion (Zanaga) deals with completing rituals and awakening one of ten old gods - which are not happy to have their sleep disturbed. Very cool mechanic and fun to try and take the god down once it awakes though it is gosh-darn hard to do.

Another board game I just ordered for my B-Day is Defenders of the Realm. By all accounts it is just the kind of game I love playing.

Here are all the reasons.

It’s a fantasy themed board game. It takes, at most, about 2 hours to complete. Lots of cards. Lots of heroes (21 with the expansions). Lots of bits and tokens. Lots and lots of agonizing over the many choices your hero can take. It’s a co-op game of us vs the game. Lots of player interaction on every turn, even if it’s not yours. Boss battles. Magic gates . . . um, yeah, I am really excited about this one.

Oh, and I found out via the intertubes that both Runebound and Defenders can be played with a maximum of 6 players and not 4 as the boxes indicate.

This is a Huge plus for our gaming group which can be anywhere from 4 to 8 players depending on who is free on any given gaming day.

There - board game enthusiasm spent.

On to auctions.

No, I haven’t bought anything else this past week, but I did take a huge van load of stuff out to be auctioned off which puts cash back into my coffers for - what else - new board game purchases.

Now, do I get Battlestar Galactica . . . or . . . Elder Sign . . . or . . . Defenders of the Realm Dragon Expansion . . . or . . . yeah, I gots me a wee problem. ;)

Until next Sunday . . .