Sunday, May 06, 2012


So I finally got around to seeing the first Iron Man movie - which I thought was okay, but not wow amazing or anything.

I have yet to see Hulk, Spider Man 3, Iron Man 2, Thor, or Captain America . . . yeah, you could say I’m a wee bit behind when it comes to my Super Hero movie viewing.

And I am not going to see Hunger Games . . . likely, ever.

And as you can tell from the time stamp on this here post I was up way too early today. I did get a chance to poke my head outside though and get a look at the super moon.

I must say, it was pretty darn impressive. You could say it even glowed . . .

Also, scheduled for today, will be the first lawn mow of the year . . .

Not excited.

My lawn is looking so yellow you almost have to wear shades. I think it looks pretty cool actually, but I’m sure there are some neighbours around here wishing my house would burn to the ground with me inside.

Suck it neighbours!

Dandelions are plants too!

As for tennis, I played my first time outside yesterday as well. I forgot how annoying wind and sun could be . . . the older I get the more I appreciate those indoor facilities.

In the book department I’m sitting at a total of 39 read so far this year.

Yeah, that is a bit extreme, but hey, beats the crap out of staring at the idiot box.

But, if you want some entertainment on the intertubes, and you like board gaming with friends, I would suggest you check out Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop segment over on youtube.

Oh, you want me to get a link set up here . . . what do I look like - Google?

Well, short and sour today I guess with pretty much little else to share from this past week.

So with that I’ll leave off here for another week and maybe something really extraordinary will take place in my life between now and then.

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. hmm..neighbors are always like no worry...

    I feel jealous whenever I see a super hero movie..

  2. Zilla's Other Half11:02 am

    Thor and Captain America were definately the best of the lot, although I did mucho enjoy the Iron Man franchise as well. The Avengers is easily the best superhero movie I think I've ever seen, and I wouldn't diss the Hunger Games until you've seen it. Although maybe yes, you might not like it, I bet H. would. It is quite well thought out and portrayed. I haven't read the books yet, but can say it sure isn't the Twilight schlock.