Sunday, May 20, 2012

meh muppets

Nothing says "pure awesome" like the Muppets, right? . . . okay, maybe only I say that.

So, last night, we rented "The Muppets" and gave it a watch.

Um, okay, I see what they did there, but honestly, it didn’t do much for me.

Amy Adams seemed distant, like she didn’t want to be there. Jason Segal was better, but not a whole lot better. And Jack Black . . . um, just sucked in my opinion. A few cameos were okay but could not make up for the movie’s overall weakness.

I know the stars of the movie were supposed to be the muppets themselves, but still.

The real problem, I think, was that the script was weak, which pretty much killed it for me.

If I was to rate it out of 10, I would give it, at best, a 3 - simply for the nostalgia of seeing some of my old muppet favourites again.

Well enough slamming that movie - on to tennis.

I’ve adjusted my serve to save my shoulder, which has been bothering me lately. It’s a much more whippy serve action which generates good pace and saves my shoulder a whole lot of grief.

Did pretty well on Friday with this tactic. I still cranked my ground strokes but didn’t run down everything like a teenager. I have to say, two days later, I’m not in the usual pain so I may have found a good mix of play and body conservation.

And my old BBQ finaly died so I went and got another small one this week. I don’t do anything fancy on the Q so I just got pretty much the same thing I had before- the cheapest stand up model.

The old one lasted 14 years with the innards replaced once, so that is not too bad I’m thinking.

And books - I’m still smoking through books like a madman.

43 read so far this year.

Somewhere around 13,000 pages to boot.

I think a combination of Goodreads and my ereader have motivated me in this department.

Well, with the weather heating up like it is today, I’m off soon for my 45 minute walk before the sun turns into a deathstar with regards to my tolerance of its direct output.

Until next Sunday . . .

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