Sunday, May 27, 2012

cultural nuggets

So, Friday night, I went into the big city with friends and got a dose of culture . . .

Yeah, been a long time since I strolled the streets of the big city, ate at a posh restaurant, and took in a show - not sure I want to hurry back anytime soon though.

Not that I have anything against city folk - hell I was one for a decade and a half - it’s just that I don’t fit into that environment anymore. Could be the age thing, or maybe it’s the I don’t care to try and impress my fellow humans anymore - And yes, I was wearing shorts and a T.

However, the concert we saw was darn impressive. I’ve been a witness to many, I state MANY, an amateur orchestral performance and boy what a big difference it is to listen to real professionals do their thing.

A little Mendelson, and a little Beethoven and I was good to go.

So, to change the subject, I was at this auction last week and, well, um, I got myself another set of WWII encyclopedias for dirt cheap . . . because, one can’t ever have too much information on that era of world madness, can one?

They were published in 1972 and have colour and black and white plates inside - lots of them. The 25 volume set of visual encyclopedias tops out at over 4,000 pages of WWII goodness. It will, of course, take me a few months to polish them off. If they are worthy they will be kept - if not, they go back to the auctioneer for someone else to buy and enjoy.

Also this week we finished part 1 of 4 of the D&D campaign I have been running - for the past 11 months.

Funny how a 32 page module can take 8 sessions and 11 months to complete. Of course we only meet once a month when feasible, so it is understandable. However, the next few months will see us playing big box board games for those not on vacation and such.

Come the fall one of our group has volunteered to run a Sci Fi game, and yet another has a idea for a short session of Call of Cthulhu. So, that said, I’ll be getting a break from DMing for a bit and get a chance to play myself.

As well, I managed to squeak in a game of Dominion and also a game of Tikal in the past couple weeks - both quite enjoyable and not really long games either.

Looking forward to more of that kind of thing in the months ahead.

Tennis - just a short note here. I’m doing well at toning down my game and finding myself playing better if not harder or faster.

And with the weather being what it is lately - summery - I’ve been getting out pretty much every morning and going for a long walk.

Supposed to be good for me . . .

Well, that’s it for this week.

Until next Sunday . . .

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