Sunday, April 29, 2012

racing vs pacing

My tennis game is improving, and it’s not because I’m trying harder but rather the opposite.

Strange that.

You would think going at it with 80% effort instead of 110% would be detrimental to my game.

Well, it all depends on your age - at least that what I’m finding.

My theory being - If you are 29 and younger the 110% rule applies, but get yourself over the age of 35 and you need to throttle back appropriately, or pay the price - injury.

I think of myself as a pretty smart guy (hey, I heard that!) so I wonder why it took me so long to realize this simple ratio of age vs. effort.

It’s mostly about delusional thinking and living in the past.

Yes, I was a 6.0 player - but that was, oh, like 27 years ago and I was well under the age 29 rule I stated at the start here.

So what did I do exactly to achieve the 80% effort which led to my success this past week?

Well for one when a tough shot came back over the net instead of sprinting like a frightened jackrabbit and straining my joints and body like a crazy person, I held back and took a much less hasty approach. Some shots I got to, others I just kinda left.

And my body thanked me for it.

The shots I did get to using 80% effort I returned pretty well, and the ones I left - well, lost that point, but it is only a point and not a game and risk of injury fell down to the not likely state.

The second specific think I did?

I served the ball at about 80% of the speed I can. This produces an adequate serve and saves my back, neck and shoulders from unnecessary stress. Oh I admit every once in a while I cranked one, but only about once a set.


No pains, pulls or injuries. And I won two out of three sets against players of equal skill level. 6.3, 4.6, 7.5. on Monday and won the court on Friday by winning 16 out of a possible 27 games.

Yeah, for me.

Well, my allotted space is used up once again, so I’ll be off to do things - pain free for once!

Until next Sunday . . .

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