Sunday, April 08, 2012

Bunny Day

Well, the hunt went off well this morning even though there was a mixup with the location of stashed goods.

It seems the Easter Bunny left a bunch of treats in places the little one (who is pretty large now) didn’t know about until I got up to inform said searcher of the correct rooms to search in.

Yeah, she knows.

Doesn’t mean the fun is all gone. She still enjoyed the hunt and the treats.

Still, those days of magic are pretty much ended.

Time marches on and your little ones grow up to be . . . teenagers!


Anyhow, this week was going along just great until I torqued my back playing tennis on Friday and spent the last two days hobbling around like a lame octogenarian.

Mostly healed as of today, but the tightness and spiky pains return when I twist a certain way.

Yeah, this impending old age thing is really getting old fast . . . excuse the pun.

Ooooh, and I found another fun author to read. Name of Kim Harrison. She writes Urban Fantasy/Paranormal and is similar, though not as good as, Jim Butcher.

And - I’m reading her in eBook form . . . Yes, another huge technological leap forward for this old man.

I saw an ereader on sale for a price I couldn’t resist. So, I did a bit of I-net searching to see if it sucked or was okay. Seems for the price I got it for it was a steal. And Yeah, I am really enjoying it a lot.

I downloaded the first Kim Harrison book (Dead Witch Walking) and Jim Buthcer’s (Summer Knight) from the library and it works like a charm. My wife is not convinced of its coolness, but my offspring is, I think.

My own Paranormal novel planning is ongoing and I’ve nailed a couple of characters down pretty well though more work needs to be done. I also have the first chapter gelling in my mind and the overall plot is thickening.

Well, this day is Bunny Day, so I should go back and spent time in Family mode.

Which will likely be spent sitting on the comfy couch together reading books . . . yeah, we are weird that way.

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Zilla's Other Half9:30 am

    Happy Bunny Day! We're spending it coughing and hacking I'm afraid, but at least it's nice out...