Sunday, April 15, 2012

bearing down

Well, life is all about change.


Like changing a wheel bearing that is dying on a car, which is what is currently happening in my life.

No big deal, but annoying, and fairly costly. Still, the car was bought used and was about 25% the price of a new car, so unless I change the engine, transmission, all the brake lines and all the wiring . . . I’m still way ahead.

So, I’ve passed the 33 book mark this year and I’m putting my ereader to the test. I’ve managed to read two books on it this past week and I have three more from the library loaded up and ready to go.

Does this mean I’m going paperless?

Well, not any time soon. However, I do find the ereader so easy to take with me wherever I go so it makes trucking along those huge novels (looking at you Tad) so much easier than the paper version.

On the old man front, my back is still not 100% healed from my tennis injury. I’d say, as of this typing, it’s hovering around the 80% mark which is a vast improvement from last Sunday when it was around 20%. Looking to hit my first ball again this Wednesday.

What used to take me two days to heal from now takes two weeks.

Scientists need to find a cure to aging . . . then again, that would be problematic at best, wouldn’t it?

Many distractions have popped up recently and my concentration with regards to my new novel project is flagging. Still, come May when the distractions disappear, I’m going to be on it like a blue bottle on spoiled meat . . . um, you get the idea.

Family gatherings are imminent (one of my distractions) and that always throws a monkey wrench in my works not to mention again my back issue and car problems. The most I can do with those kinds of interference is read, read and read some more.

I know, book absorption overload this year and with the new toy I’m reading even more than ever before. This will be my best year, in terms of number of books read and total pages read, if I keep up like I am . . . and with the ereader I see no slowing down in the months ahead.

Oh, I’m excited to be able to pick and chose titles online from my local library site. It’s dead easy to find books, download books to my earader, and consume books.

I don’t even need to leave the house to get new titles to read . . .

A true book junkies dream come true . . . if you don’t want to collect said books that is.

Well, how quickly my blog page fills up and another Sunday comes and goes.

Oh, one last thing. Two more authors I’m going to check out in the paranormal arena - Devon Monk and her Allie Beckstrom series, and Jeaniene Frost and her Night Huntress series.

Jim Butcher still top of the heap though.

Until next Sunday . . .

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