Sunday, March 25, 2012

twitter fatigue

Well, it seems the more books I read, the less interested I become in Twitter . . .

I don’t think I’ve posted there in over two weeks and don’t seem to miss it much.

Oh, I go there and have a look at those I follow, but just haven’t had the urge to spew any witty 140 character or less phrases lately.

And speaking of reading, I think I just finished book 27 for the year. It was Wayland Drew’s first book - The Webano Feast - and it was pretty good though dated. It really felt late sixties early seventies - not a surprise since it was published in 1973.

I’m on to the Dresden Files number 3 now - Grave Peril.

On the writing front I’m in the formative stages of a paranormal novel of my own. I’m borrowing a character name from my short stories since I really like it.

I’ll only say the first book in the series (yes, series) will deal with greys . . .

So how goes the tennis?

Well, interesting news there. I’m using the Maxply McEnroe rackets (the actual replacement for the Max 200G) and doing quite well with them. The new cushion overgrips I'm using on them have negated the elbow issues for me.

I played a few days ago with the best players I’ve played with in a long while. I did the best I’ve done against them, I think because they were hitting the ball so much harder than I usually get.

My volleys and ground strokes really improve when I have the ball coming at me very, very fast. Strange as that seems, and contradictory, it works that way for me.

My body though continues to pay the price of hard hitting and hard playing. I slipped on a line and now my knee gives me twinges of pain once in a while. Nothing serious, just irritating.

Old age.


There must come a time when old people finally give in to reality and think to themselves - I’m old, and my body just can’t do what it once did and I’m okay with that.

Guess I’m not old enough yet to feel like that yet. My reaction - I’m only 47 for crap sakes, what the hell gives!

Still, if I don’t abuse my system too much I could manage to live another 30 to 40 years - plenty of time to write a dozen novels, play hundreds of board/computer/tabletop games, and read a couple thousand more books.

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Zilla's Other Half10:47 am

    Yes I suppose some people give in as they get older. I suspect some of them then die of boredom shortly afterwards too. Do some googling on older atheletes. I think you'll be impressed. There's a 90something (I think) woman out in BC who's wowing the track and field folks and now part of a testing program at McGill to find out why her muscles simply haven't atrophied the way other older people's have. Definately interesting stuff and inspiring.