Sunday, March 18, 2012

sprung past spring

I think we’ve jumped clean over Spring and moved directly into Summer.

This week is going to be mid-twenties - sunshine and shorts weather!

And can you believe I only had to shovel the driveway twice this entire winter? Twice. And both times the snowfall was only around five centimeters or so.

So, we’ve not had winter this year no matter what the calendars or weather people told you.

It had something to do with Arctic Inversions or - well, I blame it on concentrated alien ship probes and the internet . . . and I think Hitler had something to do with it as well and his base on the far side of the moon . . .

On the tennis front . . . what? . . . you knew this was coming so don’t look all surprised.

So, on the tennis front I am playing much better these days using my Maxply McEnroe rackets. It would seem that I just can’t learn new tricks - the new tricks demanded of me by my new Wilson rackets.

I’m too old to change my tennis style.

I put a cushioned overgrip on the Maxply rackets and it really helps dampen the vibrations from the rackets which previously I was finding too stiff. My arm has been feeling just fine since the addition of the grips.

I learned to play tennis in the 70s . . . yeah, some of you weren’t even born then . . . and so I learned to hit a low flat ball nothing much like any modern tennis player hits the ball today.

So, with that said, I am keeping to the rackets that McEnroe himself uses because he has a similar flattish non-whippy swing to his shots.

And, since I’ve been playing four times a week for, well, weeks now, you would think my body would get into shape and not complain to me too much . . .

. . . you would be wrong.

I really need to face the music with regards to my aging body. Denial, and Ibuprofen, just aren’t enough to mask the ravages of time.


It’s funny how I’ll step out on to the tennis court feeling pretty good physically. Then, after hitting like two balls all of a sudden my ankle or back or neck or some body part will start killing me like I just sprained it or something. And it will last for the rest of the match.

I’m like - WTF is this all about?

And the only viable answer - old age.

Sigh, the second.

Still, intellectually I’m feeling better than ever . . . I guess this is the trade-off?

Yes, youth is wasted on the young.

Anyhow, I am starting on a new novel as inspiration for the project has come to me. I’m almost finished reading my current novel to our reading group and will need something else to read when it is done.

So, I’m fleshing out another story right now.

The inspiration for my upcoming project?

Would you believe Harry Dresden and Anita Blake . . . and no, my protagonist is not an androgynous butt-kicker . . . though that idea does have some appeal.

Well, I’ve overdone my words this week so must away.

Tennis again today - time to find my bottle of pills and hope I don’t break anything.

Until next Sunday . . .

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