Sunday, March 25, 2012

twitter fatigue

Well, it seems the more books I read, the less interested I become in Twitter . . .

I don’t think I’ve posted there in over two weeks and don’t seem to miss it much.

Oh, I go there and have a look at those I follow, but just haven’t had the urge to spew any witty 140 character or less phrases lately.

And speaking of reading, I think I just finished book 27 for the year. It was Wayland Drew’s first book - The Webano Feast - and it was pretty good though dated. It really felt late sixties early seventies - not a surprise since it was published in 1973.

I’m on to the Dresden Files number 3 now - Grave Peril.

On the writing front I’m in the formative stages of a paranormal novel of my own. I’m borrowing a character name from my short stories since I really like it.

I’ll only say the first book in the series (yes, series) will deal with greys . . .

So how goes the tennis?

Well, interesting news there. I’m using the Maxply McEnroe rackets (the actual replacement for the Max 200G) and doing quite well with them. The new cushion overgrips I'm using on them have negated the elbow issues for me.

I played a few days ago with the best players I’ve played with in a long while. I did the best I’ve done against them, I think because they were hitting the ball so much harder than I usually get.

My volleys and ground strokes really improve when I have the ball coming at me very, very fast. Strange as that seems, and contradictory, it works that way for me.

My body though continues to pay the price of hard hitting and hard playing. I slipped on a line and now my knee gives me twinges of pain once in a while. Nothing serious, just irritating.

Old age.


There must come a time when old people finally give in to reality and think to themselves - I’m old, and my body just can’t do what it once did and I’m okay with that.

Guess I’m not old enough yet to feel like that yet. My reaction - I’m only 47 for crap sakes, what the hell gives!

Still, if I don’t abuse my system too much I could manage to live another 30 to 40 years - plenty of time to write a dozen novels, play hundreds of board/computer/tabletop games, and read a couple thousand more books.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, March 18, 2012

sprung past spring

I think we’ve jumped clean over Spring and moved directly into Summer.

This week is going to be mid-twenties - sunshine and shorts weather!

And can you believe I only had to shovel the driveway twice this entire winter? Twice. And both times the snowfall was only around five centimeters or so.

So, we’ve not had winter this year no matter what the calendars or weather people told you.

It had something to do with Arctic Inversions or - well, I blame it on concentrated alien ship probes and the internet . . . and I think Hitler had something to do with it as well and his base on the far side of the moon . . .

On the tennis front . . . what? . . . you knew this was coming so don’t look all surprised.

So, on the tennis front I am playing much better these days using my Maxply McEnroe rackets. It would seem that I just can’t learn new tricks - the new tricks demanded of me by my new Wilson rackets.

I’m too old to change my tennis style.

I put a cushioned overgrip on the Maxply rackets and it really helps dampen the vibrations from the rackets which previously I was finding too stiff. My arm has been feeling just fine since the addition of the grips.

I learned to play tennis in the 70s . . . yeah, some of you weren’t even born then . . . and so I learned to hit a low flat ball nothing much like any modern tennis player hits the ball today.

So, with that said, I am keeping to the rackets that McEnroe himself uses because he has a similar flattish non-whippy swing to his shots.

And, since I’ve been playing four times a week for, well, weeks now, you would think my body would get into shape and not complain to me too much . . .

. . . you would be wrong.

I really need to face the music with regards to my aging body. Denial, and Ibuprofen, just aren’t enough to mask the ravages of time.


It’s funny how I’ll step out on to the tennis court feeling pretty good physically. Then, after hitting like two balls all of a sudden my ankle or back or neck or some body part will start killing me like I just sprained it or something. And it will last for the rest of the match.

I’m like - WTF is this all about?

And the only viable answer - old age.

Sigh, the second.

Still, intellectually I’m feeling better than ever . . . I guess this is the trade-off?

Yes, youth is wasted on the young.

Anyhow, I am starting on a new novel as inspiration for the project has come to me. I’m almost finished reading my current novel to our reading group and will need something else to read when it is done.

So, I’m fleshing out another story right now.

The inspiration for my upcoming project?

Would you believe Harry Dresden and Anita Blake . . . and no, my protagonist is not an androgynous butt-kicker . . . though that idea does have some appeal.

Well, I’ve overdone my words this week so must away.

Tennis again today - time to find my bottle of pills and hope I don’t break anything.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, March 11, 2012

short and sour

Had to clean two viruses off my daughter’s computer yesterday . . . hmm.

Mine has not had one for ages and ages.

So, another week has gone by and again, not much to report.

The black eye I received when somebody hit a tennis ball at me. between points when I wasn’t looking, is almost gone.

I’ve switched back to using my Maxply McEnroe rackets with new grips on them because of the ongoing saga of frustration with my new Wilson Blade 93s and my inability to serve with them.

I’ve been reading, and really enjoying, the Dresden Files novels by Jim Butcher. If you like Buffy, paranormal action, hard-boiled crime fiction with a twist of humour - these novels are for you.

Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

Oh, and I put new wiper blades on the car . . .

. . . can’t you just feel the excitement in the air, like a coming storm, or a cow pasture . . .

Um, yeah.

I was tempted today to just stop posting here every week since it’s the same old stuff.

Some people keep coming here to see what I’ve got to say though.

So, I suppose I should hang in there a while longer.

Maybe those visitors got here by mistake?

Maybe those visitors are masochistic?

Maybe those visitors actually like to read what I have to say?

Well, whatever the reason, I’ve decided to just keep harping on here every Sunday like the local preacher - even when most of the congregation doesn’t care two whits about what is being said.

Now, I’ll go play some Civ V, or maybe a bit of The Witcher before I hit the tennis courts this morning and then afterwards dive back into the next Dresden Files novel I’m currently reading . . .

. . . yes . . . life is good Arthur!

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, March 04, 2012

despite the d

I am so ready for Spring to spring. I feel the need for more sunlight even though I’m sucking down lots of Vitamin D every day in pill form.

I know we have not had a real winter this year, but I’m really looking forward to having more daylight hours to enjoy and the return of warmer temperatures.

The length of days is already starting to change though and that is making me happy. I don’t like when it gets dark by 5. That is somehow, just wrong.

As you can tell I have pretty much nil to share this week.

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading and have so far completed 22 books this year . . . yeah, a bit much. I think has temporarily caused the frenzy. I’m sure it will peter off after another month or so.

Oh, and of the 22 books I’ve read, only two have been comic omnibus collections.

And I think I may have posted this information last week . . . Oye!

So I may as well talk a bit about tennis and my ongoing struggles of late.

My new rackets (Wilson Blade Tour 93s) are still awesome in the “they don’t hurt my joints” catagory - but I am having a &%#@ of a time learning how to serve properly with them.

Being a lot lighter and ten points head light makes my new rackets feel, at least to me, like I’m swinging a badminton racket instead of a tennis racket and my timing is just plain off on the serve.

I have to work extra hard to get my timing right, and it’s getting me annoyed on court quite a bit. I’ve been double faulting way, way, way too much.

My ground strokes are getting there, but I really need to concentrate as the racket is not forgiving in the least on mishits. This racket is suggested for players of 4.5 or higher rating . . . um, maybe I’ve slipped down to 4.0 or even the 3.5 area, or so it seems. Maybe this is my main problem.

However, the plow through with the rackets being lighter, is just not there compared to my old Max 200Gs . . . still, it’s a learning curve to swing faster, but I think I am improving each time I go out and hit with them.

Bottom line is - when I concentrate really hard, and I mean really hard, my game comes together. But, it’s a chore to focus so intensely on every shot, but in order for me to do well that is precisely what I need to do.

Side benefit - I’m getting in much better physical shape because this racket demands faster swing speeds and more precise hitting making me have to move faster on the court to get into proper hitting position.

Well, I’m off again today for more doubles. I do have to remind myself that I’ve only had these new rackets for a month.

Until next Sunday . . .