Sunday, February 26, 2012

reading frenzy

I must be in the middle of one since I’ve already polished off 18 books so far this year . . .

Yeah, maybe a bit much.

And no, they were not all comics . . . just two dark horse omnibus collections in the total.

On the writing front . . . not so much.

Just can’t get in the mood. And yes I am fully aware that writing has absolutely nothing to do with “being in the mood” so please, no lectures.

On the tennis front I’m up to playing four times a week now and getting used to my new rackets. I’ve actually won 3 of the last 4 matches so something must be working for me.

My body is still pretty achy though, but I’ve not damaged myself so all is well . . . so far.

And our “huge” winter storm two days ago dropped maybe five centimeters of snow . . . big whoop. It’s been our only snowfall of any significance this entire winter.

Very odd.

So I’m off to tennis and gaming today. Two totally different activities, but both pretty enjoyable.

With regards to computers - yeah, most of you can tune out now - I’ve figured out that trying to run graphic intensive games while having my second monitor active kills my frame rates.

Just shows me that my “good” video card is in need of an upgrade. Still, when I turn off the second monitor things work just fine, so no real rush yet.

And Steam continues to be a source of pure evil, putting great games on for dirt cheap. Good thing I upgraded to a 1T hard drive this year.

Oh, and one last thing switching back to reading - Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files (the first novel, Storm Front) is really fun read.

If you are into the paranormal investigator type fiction.

Well, should get something to eat, do a few stretches, take some anti-pain meds and head off to the courts.

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Zilla's Other Half10:48 am

    Ya you do kinda need to be in the mood. I would argue that those who advocate (even you yourself in past years) that writing something every day would just keep the flow going; I would argue that you already were "in the mood". I wrote pretty actively myself when we were working and while I was in University. Once we stopped though, the need to write vanished. I found myself occupied by other things. This wasn't consistent. I kept a journal, wrote the odd thing, and when I was sick last year almost doubled the length of the story I've been working on forever. I'd say keep stabbing at it, but if you're going to make yourself mad at it or guilty over not writing, you'll find yourself resenting the whole concept even more.