Sunday, January 29, 2012

old coot winter

Despite my eating a load of Vitamin D every day, I’ve been in a bit of a funk this winter.

Actually, I can’t even say we’ve had a winter so far this year - not that I’m really complaining - but shouldn’t there be snow and stuff?

In fairness, I did have to shovel “once” yesterday - maybe that counts?

And speaking of yesterday it was my Anniversary.

Yup, been married now a total of 23 years . . .

. . . yes, it’s hard to believe with me being so youthful and all . . .

Okay, maybe to most of you I’m an old coot!

Complaining about the weather, yelling at kids who get too close to my lawn.

Still, I got my webcam working yesterday, so that makes me kinda, sorta, tech savvy and young, no? . . .

. . . okay, still an old coot.

And can you believe I’ve read 9 books already this year. I have a goal of 70, so if I keep on like this I’ll smoke that with no problem.

Of course when the summer weather returns I tend to slow down in the reading department so it’s good to get some padding in now while the days are short and the temps are chilly.

So, back to my old Cootedness - I’m finding Goodreads and Google+ pretty confusing. I’m an ex-engineer and as such I like things orderly and concise. Those two sites, in my opinion, are not.

Oh I’ve figured out how to navigate around and do basic things but I feel like I’m missing out on loads of cool things that I can’t figure out. Like on Google+ how the hell do you join a Hang Out?

There are supposedly about a bazillion users on every second, yet I’m unable to find anyplace to actually hang out with my newfound tech toy, the webcam.

Of course, one sight and sound of me would likely have others fleeing in horror . . . so maybe it’s best I don’t figure it out.

And Goodreads is just a hodgepodge - it's hard to find others who share your book interests easily. What I would like is a quick compare feature, something that takes your list of read books and bounces it against others on the site looking for a huge overlap of common books.

Maybe it’s there, but if it is, I can’t find it.

And so ends another blog post where looking back on the week I’m wondering if I’m actually any wiser, or just older.

Until next Sunday . . .

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