Sunday, January 01, 2012

no real resolutions

I was wondering what I could write here today that would be profound, inspiring and appropriate for the start of 2012.

But, since I can’t think of anything I’ll just write . . . as you were.

Of course many of you, myself included, see this artificial place keeper in time as the appropriate time to turn over a new leaf, make a new plan, or just get the bathroom clean because it’s a day off and it really, really needs a scrubbing.

My new plan (you knew that was coming) is to do three things every day for the entire 366 days this year.

And no they would not be eat, sleep and expel . . .

The three things I speak of are to write, exercise and clean.

Sounds dead easy, no?

I can assure you it’s going to be a grueling test of my willpower and resolve. The reward for this incredibly tough challenge I’ve set myself? I get a buck for each item each day to spend any way I want.

And no, it will not be to pay for visits to the psychologist.

I heard that if you want to accomplish something you should use positive motivators instead of negative motivators. One example is instead of saying, “I will lose 20 pounds” or some such, one should set a positive goal like, “I will exercise three days a week and eat more healthful food” instead.

It has to do with how the brain works and how we just do not want to “give up” something which we already possess. Guess this is a hangover from infancy when we were hanging off the breast not wanting to let go, or clutching that candy those adults wanted to steal from us.

Anal retentive is another way to say it.

So, goals need to be seen as adding somthing to your life instead of taking something away.

And that is my psych 101 uneducated, put-five-cents-in-the-jar advice for 2012.

Take it or leave it at your own risk.

Well, I wish you success and happiness for this coming year and may all your dreams be fulfilled . . . y’know, before Dec 21st when the world ends . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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