Sunday, January 08, 2012

multi media migraines

I am the first to admit that I’m far from the most tech savvy guy on the planet . . . like about 10 AU far from . . .

You see, when I install software I just expect it to work. Not so with Windows Live Movie Maker from Microsoft for Windows 7.

I followed all the online instructions to the letter, did everything I was supposed to and - no go. Some dumb error during install to do with direct X or dill pickles or some such rot.

Anyhow, I’m sure, given time and enough brain strain, I could figure it out. But still. That program used to be part of the XP operating system - not so with Windows 7 . . . *sigh*

So, I won’t be using Movie Maker anytime soon to create videos to upload to Youtube so I can win a Streamy award . . . or just annoy people and get hate comments like everybody else.

Maybe it’s best since my visage has been known to spook small children, house pets and old people.

Still, my creative avenues with the advent of Windows 7 seem to be limited to the written word only. I do want to create videos, short movies and music like I was able to do before.

Not my idea of a better operating system from Windows XP.

I know - shut up and figure it out like thousands of others.

I will - and they you, the viewer, will likely be sorry I did.

Now I should say that I have yet to load my music creation program onto this new machine. I’ve been hesitant because the program is so darn complicated and it loads some undesirable crap on the machine I really don’t want.

Don’t you hate it when programs do that?

I do.

I may break down though when my craving to create music overcomes my desire to run a clean machine.

And on the written front I’m currently wrestling with three short stories simultaneously. No easy task, and it may mean that this Saturday when the Psychos meet I will not have one of them ready to read . . . stories that is, not Psychos . . .

Oh well . . . so it goes.

And my first week of “the new plan” had a few hick-ups in it.

Namely trying to exercise every day. I did it for six days in a row and then my body just sort of shut down on me. So yesterday I took a forced rest and I feel better for it today. Maybe after a month or more my aging bones will be up to the task of daily exercise, but until then I’m taking Saturday’s off whether I want to or not it seems.

Well, I’ve used up all my space again for this week so . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Zilla's Other Half12:24 pm

    You should actually the same way for 7 days in a row. So, pick one day a week not to do those exercises. If you want to do something that day, take a walk instead, 20 minutes or more at a not hectic pace. Or do some Tai Chi.