Sunday, January 15, 2012

it sort of adds up

Since the demise of Reader’s Den, our book review site of years ago now, I’ve decided to join To date I have over 1,000 books rated and over 130 book reviews posted.

Seems like a good place to share what you have, and are currently reading, with others.

I even got my wife to join and she is liking it.

I know, just one more website to suck away my time . . .

And it occurs to me that I never did a year-in-review of the goals I had for last year . . .

. . . um, well, that would likely by because I fell pretty short of them . . . anybody remember Evil Knievel and Snake River Canyon . . . ?

Dating myself again, I know.

I’ll just sum it all up in percentages then. My reading goal . . . hit about 60% My writing goal . . . about 30%.

Not good . . . not good at all.

My new plan this year is off to a decent start, but not spectacular.

Seems like doing everything I said I was going to do each day for 2012 is not so simple.

So far this year I’m sitting at 67% for those goals I’ve set myself.

A pass . . . barely.

Maybe I set my goals too high, but if I don’t, then where is the challenge?

Oh, the goals for this year are as follows:

1) One completed short story per month. So that would be 12 for this year.

2) Read a total of 20,000 pages this year.

3) Exercise six days a week.

4) Cleaning jobs around the house six days a week.

Well, I should be getting at it then.

Until next Sunday . . .

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