Sunday, December 18, 2011

tree up output down

As promised to our little one, not so little anymore, we put up the tree yesterday.

And despite my grumping the whole time (I am the "Grumpy-Daddy" after all - I have an image to uphold) it looks pretty darn good.

There is even some snow on the ground . . . Okay, more like a dusting with rain on the way tomorrow.


I kinda miss the Christmas Winter Wonderland I grew up in. It was usually about 20 or 30 degrees below Fahrenheit this time of year and there was at least a foot, if not more, of snow on the ground.

And I’m using Imperial measurements . . . yeah, I’m so old that when I went to school (uphill barefoot both ways) we learned the Imperial system. Metric crept in sometime during the later stages of my stay, but I mostly ignored it.

Anyhow, it looks like another green Christmas around here. Not as bad as the year I got the lawn mower out and mulched leaves Christmas day, but still. Cold and snow would be a nice touch.

And a weird thing is going on between Windows 7 and Wordperfect 11. Some kind of power struggle I think. Win 7 makes changes to my system, then Wordperfect 11 wants to change stuff back. Has to do with keyboard defaults or something.

Kind of annoying since Wordperfect is my word processor of choice. Why can’t these two programs just get along already . . . sheesh.

Or maybe a virus?

But I scanned the hell out of my computer - twice - and nothing was found. Of course the word processor is “old” and a 32 bit program while Win 7 is running 64 bit . . . and I know just enough to spew things like that without knowing why the two don’t play nice.

No cool videos to share this week either.

Or music . . . or short stories . . .

Yeah, the last half of this year has left me in a desert creation wise. I don’t think my music creation program even works with Win 7 64 bit. Not sure what I’m going to do on that front. Maybe I’ll have to invest in another more modern music creation program.

And as for the writing I’ve started two short stories . . . and, well, that’s about where I’ve left off.

Tennis though is screaming ahead. I play three or four times a week. Ooh, and my ribs are almost healed now. Just another week or two of pain killers when I hit the courts and then maybe I can play without them.

Well, not much more to relate this week. It’s been pretty quiet. And yes, I do have all my presents bought and wrapped. Go ahead, hate me.

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Zilla's Other Half4:13 pm

    Well, as our Xmas was yesterday, ours were too :) And yes, Environment Canada has actually issued statistics that when we were kids we had a greater than 60% probability of at least 2cm of snow for Xmas day. Now that % is just over 40. Depressing.

  2. Well in talking with the folks they have over 12cm of snow and more on the way.

    It's just this banana belt location I can't get used to.