Sunday, December 04, 2011

this hurting unit

Yup, I’m not in great shape today for one very good reason.

It was not from drinking.

It was not from a virus.

It was from slipping on a taped line on the clay courts Friday night while going for a shot. I slid out of control and ending up tumbling ungracefully first onto my elbow and hip and them flopping like a landed fish hard onto my back.

It looks fun when you watch a professional tennis player lunge for a ball and tumble across the court only to bounce right back up and finish the match with aplomb . . .

Well I did get back up and finish off the match, but I knew that my body was going to pay for that little maneuver - and boy was I right.

I can’t help but spend several sentences griping about the stupid taped lines on the clay courts. This is not the first time I’ve slipped on them. They suck, have no grip whatsoever, and literally drive me nuts.

Yes, I was raised on hard courts where the lines were painted on just like the rest of the surface. Clay courts are my least favourite court surface, but I don’t really have much choice unless I want to drive another half an hour farther to get to them.

That would be 45 minutes one way - in the winter . . . no thanks.

Besides, I really like the club I’m in. Great people, great coaches, but slippery, dangerous lines . . .

I wish something could be done about the traction of the tape. I just can’t believe the professionals would put up with the type of taped lines we have.

So, I’m sitting here in pain today as a case in point.

Anyhow, griping session over.

The fact is I had to cancel playing doubles today because my hurting body is just not up to it. Maybe after a week of rest I will be healed enough to get back out and play my hard hitting aggressive game.

Old age, my friend, is a very sad state to be in physically. Still, mentally all is roses.

Oh, I did do well last Sunday coming in second on court one just in case you were following my progress.

Well, I’m off to pop some pain killers.

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Heheheheheheh...he said *unit*. Heheheheheheh...