Sunday, December 11, 2011

so damn cool

Yes, I am easily amused as you will see later on when I post a couple of links.

Ooh! ooh! - this week I got an upgrade to my computer system which included an upgrade from XP to 7.

I was apprehensive at first, but now that I’ve had the system installed for a few days - I’m quite liking it - a lot. So many more cool things to play with that XP just never had. And I swear my computer is acting way more civil than it ever did before.

And, to put the icing on my computer cake I also scooped a 2 dollar 15 inch LCD monitor which is now the second monitor I have hooked into my new system. Yah, I got it at a yard sale, and it works perfectly.

How, I mean how, did I ever get along with only one computer monitor in the past?

Now, as hinted at in the opening, here are two little videos I found to be quite amusing.

The first here is Cello Star Wars.

Since both girls in our household play this instrument it was particularly amusing to me - and them. And yes, both of them WANT an electronic cello - and for only just over 3 grand they can each get one . . . or not!

I absolutely love what can be done with the electronic cello and if I had the means I would get each of them one. They sound just so damn cool!

The second bit of amusement is this little Sabrina and Salem video.

If you liked Sabrina the Teenage Witch at all you will like this little video.

So here it is. The Reunion of Salem and Sabrina.

Did I also mention that with high speed now I’m listening to internet radio . . . 80s music of course.

Um, yeah. I have this problem when it comes to music. I love all types of music, but for some reason I just LOVE the stuff produced in the 80s. I’m a product of my age I guess.

What I find really amusing is people born in the 80s can legally drink now . . .

Where the H did the time go?

And lastly I have to mention tennis, because what would a blog post from me be without that vital bit fo sharing?

I’m mostly recovered from my mishap, and will be playing today. I did a tennis aerobics yesterday and felt only slight twinges of pain. Nothing a few pain killers shouldn’t cure during today's doubles match.

Well, the clock on my second monitor (so cool!) is showing me that it’s time for me to bail.

Until next Sunday . . .

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