Sunday, November 06, 2011

mulch or bag

It’s that season again here when our yard takes on the appearance of burnt orange and dull red.

Yup, our three large maple trees have spewed their load across our lawn and I have the option of bagging or mulching those thousands of brightly coloured decaying leaves.

I prefer to mulch since all the nutrition that got sucked from the soil can go right back in again for next year’s leaves. Then again, bagging is a way more fun activity for the family, and today’s weather is going to be divine for that activity.

Not sure if mulching is the best thing to do since we have some recurring fungus on our maples that produces black spots on the leaves. Seems that mulching the leaves just keeps the fungus close to the trees and the cycle repeats itself all over again which it has done for the past six years.

Well, I don’t need to decide right this minute as I have a match of tennis doubles first in a few hours.

And speaking of tennis, I popped two strings on my old racket yesterday at the same time while pounding an overhead.

I may have to use my backup racket today if my main one isn’t strung in time.

The sad thing is, I’m on the top court today with the top players and I’m going to be using my backup racket. Not ideal.

And speaking of computer games . . .

Okay, I was thinking of them, not speaking of the, . . . still . . .

Been playing Left 4 Dead the past week or so and I must say it’s pretty intense and loads of zombie blasting fun. It’s even more fun when you play online with a friend, which I’ve also been doing.

The sucky part is the fact that the achievements on Steam seem to be broken. I’ve completed quite a few of them and not gotten credit for them. A quick check on the intertubes had me finding that I’m not the only one.

Oh well, the game itself works fine, but it would be nice to see the achievements racking up as I make them.

Oh, a solution just occurred to me. I can bag some, and mulch some.

I’m going to enjoy this day. I find autumn the most awesome time of year.

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Mulching is still ideal, but most arbourists recommend leaving an area under the rain cover (to the edge of the trees width canopy) bare. Also, some of the fertilizer sticks inserted as deeply into the roots as you can can sometimes help.