Sunday, October 02, 2011

USB bandwidth exceeded

So I had this error message this morning after booting up the device. Seems some USB device was sucking more than its fair share of bandwidth and Windows didn’t like it.

Problem is, the only two USB devices I have hooked to my device are the keyboard and mouse.

Hmm. One of them was not playing nice.

Oh well, everything seems to be working fine now and so this blog post is being written without further incident.

And I just have to mention the fact that I played awesome tennis this Friday morning scooping all three sets (total of 9 games which consists of 8 games plus a tie-breaker for the 9th) of doubles with these scores. 7:2, 7:2, 6:3. No, I’m not going to tell you how badly I can suck on off days. Let’s just say there were a couple instances where I didn’t even get close to my daughter’s age in games and leave it at that.

The old Max 200G tennis racket is working its charm and, even though I have 2 already, I’m looking to get one or two more so I can play with them well into my 80s . . .

. . . if I live that long, that is.

Also, with regards to my writing, I’m almost finished my latest creepy tale. Our next gathering for reading night will be Oct 15th and I’ll read it to our group then.

No more water leaks in my basement this past week either - bonus!

The weather, though rainy today, is looking great for the balance of next week starting on Tuesday which means I get to pruning the raspberries and painting the main floor window sills of the house before the snow flies.

Isn’t my life just to die for . . . or should that be, to die of?

On the gaming front - I finished Portal. That is one sweet game made even more so by the fact that Steam gave it away for free a couple weeks ago. So, free game which was awesome. And it only took my 5 hours to beat it which was a nice length without getting tedious.

And can you believe I’m still using Windows XP? I know the operating system is ten years old, but I really like it. All I need to do for the next while is scoop a couple more GIG of RAM, slap on another hard drive for extra storage space and I should be good until sometime next year before I break down and get Windows 7.

Isn’t my life just the bomb? . . . okay, maybe a stink bomb.

Well, it’s back to chores around the abode and some breakfast.

Until next Sunday . . .

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