Sunday, October 09, 2011

turkey fever

Well this is the long weekend for turkey chomping here in Canada and the weather is absolutely amazing.

Sun, warmth, and Scarlet Fever . . .

Yeah, the best weekend we’ve had in 2011 and my daughter comes down with strep throat complete with strep rash heading for a date with Scarlet Fever.

Thank goodness for modern medicine.

So, this puts a bit of a crimp in our grandiose Thanksgiving Day plans. But upon further reading, if my little one gets on the meds today she should not be contagious by tomorrow.

But this little complication is not getting me down and I continue to dominate on the courts with my old tennis racket.

Even my wife (we did tennis aerobics together yesterday) says I’m hitting the ball better than she has seen me do all this year.

Sounds good to me and I did feel like I was pretty much in control of the ball most of the time. The few times I sent a shot wild was when I was trying to kill the thing like Nadal or Federer. I need to learn to leave those type of shots to the professionals.

I did manage to be top dog the last 2 out of 3 times playing doubles out of four players, and came a close second just Friday. Yeah for me!

And, as I twitted two days ago, I finished another short story. Not sure if it’s going to appear here soon as I need to edit it several times to make it as good as it can get. I will be reading it to our writing group come next weekend though.

I’m not particularly excited about it, though it does have a few moments I like and has a certain level of creepiness to it.

I’ve been having a heck of a time concentrating the last month on getting my writing accomplished and the music creation has fallen through the cracks as well.

You think this lack of creativity is at all related to high-speed internet?

Another month or so and the infatuation of watching videos and game reviews online should fade. And once the crap weather arrives I should be back to producing more intellectual goods.

On the computer front my old machine got some upgrades for free. 4 extra GIG of ram and an 80 GIG hard drive to boot, thanks to Flaming Sasquatch!

Well, I should attend to the feverish offspring and get to doing some housecleaning as we are supposed to have guests for turkey times tomorrow.

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Grondzilla9:54 pm

    Tis a bummer that things didn't work out. Hopefully we can arrange a do over when exotic plagues aren't the order of the day.