Sunday, October 23, 2011

not addicted already

It appears that I share a controversial “activity” with one of my good friends.

It’s called playing computer games.

And it seems that because we do it, we are labeled by our significant others as some sort of deviant sub-cultural game-obsessed layabouts with a severely debilitating and harmful addiction which can only end in ruin and they wish nothing more than for us to just quit playing computer games altogether.

Okay, let’s define addicted then.

In their minds I think addicted means anytime we are on the computer for more than thirty seconds playing a game.

My definition of addicted - 8 plus hours of gaming a day, every day, seven days a week while neglecting the basics of life such as eating, sleeping and personal hygiene.

Yes, there is a wildly huge gap between those two interpretations of gaming addiction. And yes, no matter how much “work” we gamers do around the homestead we are still spending WAY too much time playing computer games and really need to stop.

Sigh . . .

Counter-arguments like, I did the laundry, shopping, painted the house, cooked the meals, did the dishes, vacuumed, took the garbage out, mowed the lawn, dusted, scheduled and took the car in for maintenance, paid the bills, did the banking, drove our child to practice, plus ninety other things I can’t think of off the top of my head, just seem to account for the cubic product of squat all.

The most annoying thing which can happen to the casual computer gamer, which I define myself as, is during a day when only 27 out of 28 tasks get completed and the gamer gets “the look” and “the lecture” - what, you couldn’t get task 28 done because YOU WERE LIKELY ON THE COMPUTER PLAYING GAMES . . .

Grrrr, arrgh . . .

This unjustified attitude stems, at least in my opinion, from the fact that the non-gamer perceives computer games as not fun, and therefore, undoubtably are a “waste of time.”

I can sort of see that point of view. Sticking pins into the tender parts of one’s body repeatedly strikes me as not fun and a waste of time, and if somebody I loved was doing this most every day I would likely think they have a problem and would wish them to stop doing it.

However, playing computer games is not the debilitating and mind-rotting exercise people who don’t play think it is. It can be relaxing, entertaining and sometimes even educational. Hell, don’t kids at school learn better when their work is made into play as opposed to a rote style repetition of facts?

I suppose I will never convince those with set minds, and I’m not going to “quit playing computer games” just because somebody doesn’t like it when I do.

Still, it would be nice if we could all just live and let live . . . now, some household chores await, then afterwards - game on!

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Zilla's Other Half10:09 am

    Hey - I think you took things way too seriously! Yes, there have been times where I have been aggrevated by his interest in said computer games. I've been aggrevated by my own interest in said computer games. He does do a substantial amount of work around the house and mostly I don't give him grief about it. Except when he says that he'll do something with me and then disappears to the computer until after I go to bed... then - yes - maybe - just a bit - I'm a little ticked. :)