Sunday, October 30, 2011

hollow tween

No, the title of today's blog is not a typo, but rather an observation of late.

You see, my tweenage daughter is growing at an alarming rate and her food consumption this past month has been startling to say the least.

No matter how much she packs back at meal time she is always hungry and continually searching the larder and fridge for “something more to eat because I’m starving!”

Okay, then.

If you are a parent, you will sooner or later run into this incredible phenomenon.

Just hope that when this occurs to your kid/kids that your bank account can support the extra drain on your grocery budget. Think one and a half to two times normal.

It’s kind of funny to observe.

And speaking of Halloween, which I wasn’t but am now, our family attended a Halloween costume party last night.

We were wusses, and didn't dress up. The theme was “drinks” and there was a wide array of creative endeavours, except for us . . .

I simply stated that we were that popular drink “the wet blanket”, a triple . . . because we are three . . .

. . . um, yeah, pretty lame.

Just didn’t get into the mood of dressing up. Had the idea to go as a White Russion and my wife as a Black Widow and my daughter as a Zombie . . . but this was only in my head and never left the metal drawing board.

So I spent most of the evening in the “lounge” area next to the fire observing the cats, which I’m pretty allergic to.

And yes, the chair I was sitting in was a rocker type, but no, I didn’t fall asleep and have drool on my shirt . . . I need to be a little bit older for that sort of behaviour . . .

And because of last week’s post I shouldn’t mention that I’m playing an older game which is new to me and extremely fun . . . Left 4 Dead.

Zombie apocalypse mayhem in a first person co-op shooter format. I’ll say no more about it here at the risk of being labeled fanatic . . . damn fun though . . . oops, I said more . . .

Anyhow, it’s pen and paper game day and as I’m running the campaign I should review a few notes before I head out this afternoon to amuse some friends.

Oh, and tennis again this morning as well. What else.

Until next Sunday . . .

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  1. Zilla's Other Half11:04 am

    It was great to have you guys over, and costumes aren't always an option for people. Life happens. The idea was to have a good time, meet new people etc etc...