Sunday, September 18, 2011

new elbows

For those of us, including myself, that have had to suffer with leaking elbows, there is an easy and simple fix for the problem.

Oh, I should clarify which elbows I’m talking about; they’re not the ones on my body, but the ones in the basement of my house that seem to spring a leak on average about once per year.

The plumber that came over to do the job of repair was extremely helpful and clued me in to a little secret - well secret to me anyhow - of what to do when those pesky leaks appear.

His solution for me?

Go to Canadian Tire or Home Hardware and buy “LynCar Easygrip Push Fit Fittings.” These simple push fit fittings are easy to install (as he showed me) and good to 200psi and 93 degrees Celcius. All you need do is remove the offending leaking elbows and push on these handy little guys and voila - instant leak fix. And the added benefit is - no soldering at all!

They come in a wide variety of configurations too, not just elbows.

Very cool and fast and inexpensive - five bucks a fitting. The next time I get a leak which will, given this house, be about a year from now I’m getting myself a pipe cutter and these fittings.

And I’ve pretty much decided that I’m sticking with my old Max 200G racquets from now on.

I had an awful day playing doubles with my new Maxply Friday and am pretty much giving up on them. They are hard on the elbow (too much shock transfer) and hard to control. Another player at the club has the same racquet and was experiencing the same frustrations with it as me.

It's also pretty hard to generate topspin with the Maxply, unless you wind up like Nadal to hit the ball. I've always played a flat, hard, low ball (like Conners) and this racquet has just too much power for me to keep it under control - ala needing much topspin to keep the ball in court without flying long.

So, it’s back to my less powerful, but much easier to control, Max 200G.

But the trouble is the Max 200G is pretty hard to find anymore at a decent price. I have two, which is good, but I want to get another one or two more. Seems the going price for this antique racquet is anywhere from 150 to 300 bucks a racquet.

Holy overpriced Batman!

I mean, this racquet is 30 years old and there were about 2 to 3 million of them produced! Should be getting them for a dime a dozen. Just goes to show you how popular they still are I guess. Or people have a far too nostalgic connection to this racquet that McEnroe and Graff made into legend.

Well, the clock on the wall informs me I’ve taken up enough of your time.

Until next Sunday . . .

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