Sunday, September 04, 2011

leaks and geeks

One drop of water every twenty seconds - not so bad, right?

Yes, I timed the latest pipe leak in the basement. I’ve removed the “stupid” drywall on the ceiling from the previous owners and found a very tiny drip coming from another 90 degree angle in the water pipes.

This would be leak number four in seven years - Five if you count the drip every minute from a 90 degree bend in a water pipe in the furnace room - which I don’t - yet.

I’m thinking of getting me some of that self-sealing leak tape and giving it a go. It costs about 8 bucks a roll as opposed to a 150 dollar plumber visit.

And to change the subject, because I’m now tired of it - man I wish I could be at DragonCon.

I am getting such good vibes from the pictures posted on Twitter and have seen many a cool pic of people going all out for their favourite shows/actors. Very inventive and very cool. But from the horrible experience I had a FanExpo in Toronto last year I’m staying clear of huge gatherings of geeks - perhaps for good.

Also on the 90's geek front - I downloaded my first Steam game (because now I can) and gave it a whorl. King’s Bounty: The Legend. And hey, what a fun game. It’s a combo of Heroes of Might and Magic and say Warcraft 3.

The best part of the game is the arena battles, ala Heroes, where you pit your units against the computer’s units on a hex grid and try to off each other. Very fun 3D kinda chess like in Star Wars . . .

And our family had one last kick at summer fun before school begins again. We went to Canada’s Wonderland.

My wife and I chaperoned so got to sit around for 8 hours looking at people (most wearing flip-flops) and being bored, and occasionally getting rained on. My daughter and her friend went on rides and then couldn’t decide on the same rides by mid-afternoon.

Yes, trouble.

My wife and I were getting irritable from the continuos crowds and the blasting music from the grounds speakers located, it seemed, every ten feet.

By five we’d had enough and called it quits. Not a great day, not a dud.

Next year I’m going with my daughter only to avoid the “friend” issues. I just hope I don’t have a heart attack, what with me getting up there in years. Have you seen some of those rides - holy heart attack batman.

Anyhow, the clock on the wall indicates that I’m through for this week, and so . . .

. . . until next Sunday.

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