Sunday, August 07, 2011

on speed

Well, hold your breath for this astounding announcement . . .

. . . I’m switching to high speed internet sometime next week!

Yeah, well then.

Maybe for you this is no big deal since you’ve likely had high speed internet service since about 1998, but for me, on dialup since forever, this will be revolutionary.

I’m always about the last one to jump on the latest tech bandwagon.

My cell phone is used only for emergencies. It can’t text, take pictures, surf the net or launch nuclear missiles . . . see what I mean.

. . . and I only got it a few years ago.

But old tech does not mean bad tech. Case in point is my 1980 tennis racquet, Max 200G, which has been working very well for me the past week and a half. Better, in fact, than my new tech racquets.

I’ve won both top courts this past week using my old Max 200G, whereas my new higher tech racquets I’ve been struggling with for the past three years.

Okay, maybe not the best example, but the one I’m sticking with.

Anyhow, I’ll soon be able to surf the net like a normal person and not sit around for hours waiting to find out if my computer has locked up or is just taking its sweet time downloading a file.

And speaking of tennis . . . well maybe I was just thinking it loudly . . . I’m off to the Roger’s cup next week to have a look at the ladies play. I’ll be snugly housed in a VIP suite and even have a VIP parking pass.

Don’t ask how much the tickets cost.

It should be a blast. I have to remember though to take my glasses with me or I may not be able to tell Sharapova from the chair umpire. Old age has it drawbacks as well as rewards.

And to totally switch subjects, my new old car has decided to give me grief with an engine light fault and every time I start it there is this faint smell of petrol. Something in the emission’s system has decided to die. Fortunately, I contacted the dealership and they tell me the car still has 2 years full warranty on it, so the repair will be no charge.

That I can handle.

Until next Sunday . . .

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