Sunday, August 21, 2011

higher faster stronger

Isn’t that the Olympic’s official slogan or something? Maybe what Superman has printed on his underwear . . .

. . . anyhow, it seems to apply to my state of being this past couple of weeks . . .

. . . yes, I know I missed last Sunday, but I have a reason for this.

You see, my wife and daughter needed a lot of help packing for their 10 day trip which coincided with that missed Sunday morning - and then after that was done - it decided to turn all thunder-stormy the rest of the day and “poof” the opportunity for my regular Sunday post was gone.

The following days had me getting high-speed internet installed which was pretty nifty and went well - except my main computer (the one in my lair) was not connected to it. Only the main floor old device, with the uncomfortable chair, had the cable attached. And it took me a day and a half to get it all updated and de-virused. And it’s still only partially functional.

And besides, I just didn’t want to sit in that uncomfortable chair any longer than it took me to check my emails and watch a few computer and board game video reviews . . .

Okay, I may have been excited and distracted by the fast pretty lights the intertubes can display if you have the power, and the blog post sort of got forgotten about . . . until today.

After a week of dial up in my lair, and high-speed upstairs, I decided to get me a 75 foot ethernet cable and run it down to the lair - and oooohhh, this worked perfectly and is good. This is the first post coming to you from my high-speed lair.

I know you can’t tell, and you have probably had high-speed for about a decade now, but it’s big news for me.

But all this frenzied internet activity related stuff did not stop me from playing a lot of tennis - which I did.

The old racquet continues to work well, but with my wrist almost healed now I switched to the new ones again yesterday. All seems to be okay - for now.

And just to cause me more irritation, one of our pipes in the basement has decided to start leaking. I cut out some more drywall in the roof and have a bucket catching the drips - soon I will call the plumber over to replace the faulty elbow.

And my car problems seem to have vanished. The fault light I got on the Kia has gone away never to return even though the dealership was trying to convince me to let them perform a 600 plus bucks worth or repairs - including a transmission service . . . Dude - the transmission has nothing to do with an emission fault.

No, I plan on never going back to any Dealership for any service. They have this agenda of sucking as much cash out of your pocket as they can get away with. If you are not car savvy, you will waste a lot of money on unnecessary repairs -so beware.

Well, my space is filled up.

I’ll try not to miss another week - but life sometimes interferes with my idyllic fantasy world . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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