Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today my daughter has a big celebration for her rep baseball season. There will be fun, games and pizza.

It interfered with my D&D gaming day today though. But hey, when you have kids, you tend to put them first - even when they want you to . . .

Also, I’m a bit fried from the four day vacation I just got back from visiting relatives in Ottawa. I like my brother-in-law and his kids but it’s always a drain being in another house. I did make a darn good batch of perogies though while I was there.

And I guess I better get to mowing the law before the snow flies. It’s getting to look a bit like a wildflower meadow.

I must say I’m enjoying the high-speed internet. I’ve gotten to watch a bunch of videos of things I’d heard about but never had a chance to see because of dial-up. And researching new board and computer games is a snap now. Hard to believe I lived with dial-up for so many years.

I’m getting ready to do a major purge of my lair too. Seems there is way to much stuff in here with me and a lot of it needs to go. I’ll box those items which I never seem to touch anymore and off there will go to auction where they will quickly be converted into cash and somebody else can have them to help clutter up their house.

The two small water leaks I have in my pipes in the basement I’m thinking of trying to fix myself with this funky self-sealing tape I saw at CanTire. It’s worth a try, and even if it fails I’ll only need to call in the plumber anyhow which is what I would have done in the first place.

Well, this week seems to have just gone by with me accomplishing next to not much. I’m hoping with the return of routine, which starts with the beginning of the school year in a week and a half, I can get more into the swing of things and maybe even get producing more music and short stories.

We shall see.

Until next Sunday . . .

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