Sunday, July 10, 2011

retired stay at home dad

Well, I may as well admit it - I’m a stay at home dad, and I’m retired.

When I first left GM there was ample talk, rumours, and desperate hopes, on the part of many people we know, that I would spring right back into the work force and do my part as a middle-aged male to keep the economy rolling and join the heart attack statistics like a good tax-paying citizen.

Sorry to disappoint, but I tend to follow my own lead and not what society dictates for me.

You see, I view success as not how big your bank account is, or how much crap you can accumulate, but on how your offspring turn out. Being a parent is a full-time job.

As my daughter grows older it seems she needs a parent at home just as much as when she was a wee one. Kids need love attention and guidance, not more electronic gadgets. They need your presence, not your presents.

My staying at home, and being retired (which is a joke since I do a ton of work around here) is only a roll reversal between my wife and myself. Funny though how so many people still have their heads stuck in dark places and can’t understand why anybody of my age, especially a man, would not want to be out there earning dollars.

I find this general attitude sad. And as I see it the result of this “money is the only thing” society leaves a lot of kids babysat by their Wii’s and X-Boxes and Ipads with both parents too tired at the end of their oh-so-important money-making workday to spend any useful time with their kids.

Then, to make matters worse, because the double income parents have lots of cash to burn from their all important careers they compensate their kids for not being around with copious undeserved gifts turning them into spoiled gotta-have brats.

Sadder and sadder.

But hey, to each his own. And with our society set up for double incomes (look at the cost of everything) it’s virtually impossible for a modest one-person-working family to get by on. Gone forever are the days when one parent could work and one could stay home and bring up the kids.

Well, enough of me sitting on the soapbox and griping about how things are - it’s time to spend some more time with my child.

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Zilla's Other Half9:40 am

    I totally hear you. I think that you have every right to take a turn staying home, especially when madam is actually really enjoying what she is doing now. It does speak volumes though, when you tell someone at this age that you're retired, and they suddenly have an attack of the green and can no longer talk to you. Or assume that you're absolutely loaded and can afford to buy everyone dinner (for the next 20 years). They, for the most part, don't seem to get the lifestyle choices we've made to make things affordable, and willfully don't see them even if you try to explain. Ah well, here's to - hopefully - lower stress and happier times.

  2. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Interesting take on raising kids. It will definitely stick with me. Thanks

  3. nothing wrong with being retired and or having an early retirement as long as you can support yourself and can handle daily needs.