Sunday, July 31, 2011

in with the old

Well, I’ve been playing with my new Dunlop Maxply McEnroe tennis racquets now for three years.

So, for a hoot, I decided to play with my old Dunlop Max 200G, the racquet I used from about 1980 up until three years ago when I switched to the Maxply.

Yesterday I hit with the 200G again and hell, it felt good.

Strange thing though. My forehand had less power to it than the Maxply gives me, but the backhand I found was comparable in power but with way more control. My serves and overheads likewise suffered in power but otherwise I had no difficulty whatsoever.

You see, the Maxply is stiffer than the 200G and with a larger head which theoretically produces more power. And it does, for every stroke for me, except the backhand. Strange, but then again, strange is the normal for me.

So today I’m going to use my 200G during my doubles match and see how I do with it. Another factor with the stiffer Maxply is the fact that my wrist, which I hurt about six weeks ago, is still not completely healed. The 200G, being more flexible and slightly heavier, transfers less shock to my arm during strokes and so is better for now while my wrist recovers.

And since all those not interested in tennis have now fled, I’ll change the subject to - auctions.

I took a huge load out to an auction barn to be sold off yesterday and the house feels just a little bit less crowed with this “stuff” gone.

Funny how much stuff a house can hold. And no, my garage still fits a car and has not turned into a suburban storage unit. I collect a lot of stuff, but not that much.

I’m actually thinking of posting twice a week here instead of just once as well. Now, don’t get too excited about that news. The second post with only be a backlog of book reviews I’ve written the past few years which used to reside on Reader’s Den which is now long defunct.

On the home front our front steps are now installed and solid as a rock. Funny how we lived with that crumbling, teetering deathtrap of a step system we had before.

Well, seems like the day is already slipping away, so I best get at some necessary tasks before I hit the courts and then head off to game day where I’m running a casual D&D campaign to save the world from, what else, evil.

Until next Sunday . . .

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