Sunday, July 03, 2011

back on the band wagon

Remember I was going on about Guitar Hero a while ago . . . well I’m still playing the games, just not going on so much about them until now, again.

And to that end I’m picking up the new versions of the drums, microphone, another guitar plus the Beatles game and Band Hero itself - all for way less than half the original price.

I love pre-owned stuff that people sell at super-discounted price.

Retail is for those with all kinds of money to burn. My money can only handle the occasional singe, so I need to watch it pretty closely.

On the tennis front it would appear my wrist issue is pretty much sorted out. It only irritates me now instead of causing pain. The week off from hitting the fuzzy yellow balls did indeed help. Like I posted before though, middle age is the suck!

This past long weekend, which I guess is still ongoing, I was/am very busy. I officially got a year older, fixed my old BBQ, played tennis three times, watched the local fireworks with my family, and ate a huge cherry Sunday from DQ.

Don’t you just wish your life was filled with such excitement?

Um . . . yeah.

I make it sound dull when in fact is was pretty darn fun. Couple that with the fact that today I’ll be playing tennis again and later on picking up all that Band Hero stuff and it’s all good. Tonight I’ll be rocking the drums to Rebel Yell . . . or Yellow Submarine.

And speaking of rocking, boy do I like Delirium. It’s just the type of music that speaks to me like Alan Parsons does.

Well, I have to get ready to hit the courts again soon so I’ll leave off.

Happy Canada Day long weekend for us Canadians, and Happy Independence Day long weekend for those of you in the USA.

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Anonymous9:16 am

    Welcome to the next year Great Old One.

  2. Zilla's Other Half9:57 am

    Happy older day! Sorry we missed it. Game of Arkham Horror soon to compensate?

  3. Thanky yuz tu!

    And Zilla, you really think I'm Great? . . . ;)

    And yes, Arkham Horror soon me thinks.