Sunday, June 12, 2011

greener grass

Seems most of us are always looking for greener grass . . . for me, I don’t look for grass at all. In fact I hate grass unless it grows wild on the Serengeti.

Which leads me into a mission I must undertake this week before my lawn starts to resemble a Brazilian rain forest.

I need a new lawn mower. It’s not that my old one doesn’t work anymore, it’s just that it’s too damn heavy for me to push around without risking serious injury.

It’s one of those rechargeable electric ones - problem is its battery is about forty pounds. Couple this with the already forty pound unit sitting on four small wheels and it’s murder on my middle back.

And my back needs to be in working order if I’m to continue to play tennis in the future. So, I’ll be off to get a light-weight plug in model with big honking wheels - I’m thinking 15 inch.

Enough of my lawn and back problems.

On the creative front, I’ve started in on another short story this week. Yup, it is creepy. Yup, it involves pain, suffering, deceit, lies, no sex, but organ transplants. Enough said.

Also this week I scored big at the local auction. I picked up several new board games: Axis and Allies, Scene It Deluxe Edition, the original Trivial Pursuit. With them I also scooped 6 brand new unopened computer games for . . . wait for it . . .

. . . 13 bucks.

Now, my current Axis and Allies game sports double the plastic bits - hey, these things get me excited . . . okay, my life may be sad, but you are reading this, no?

And one of the computer games is Painkiller. It’s a first person shooter from the mid 2000's. Runs absolutely flawlessly on my killer machine. It’s a good shooter that you can swallow a few hordes of enemies at a time.

On the book reading front I’ve started and aborted two in recent days. One was “The Gardens of the Moon” be Stephen Erikson. Just didn’t want to wade through another 600 pages after already reading 200. Also, the series seems to be pretty much endless and each book seems to pack in at least 1000 pages. Gave it a try. It failed for me.

The other aborted book was the sixth part of “Douglas Adams” “Hitchhikers” series. I know what you are thinking - hey, the guy is dead and there is no 6th part. Well, true. But that didn’t stop publishers from hiring the “Artemis Fowl” author to try his hand at one.

Another fail. Lots of homage stuff to Adam’s original material but, hey, when I want tears of laughter running down my cheeks I’ll just pick up my original Adam’s copies and read them again.

Well, I can see by the length of this post that most of you have already left for greener internet pastures.

So, with nothing more left to relate, I’ll be off lawn mower hunting.

Until next Sunday . . .

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