Sunday, June 26, 2011

only hurting myself

It really pains me to write this, but . . . I won’t be playing tennis for a whole week.

Actually, it would pain me more to play without this break since I hurt my wrist . . . three weeks ago. I’ve been telling myself, every time I play, that the pain I’m feeling will go away. But hell, it just keeps hanging in there.

The one thing I really dislike about this getting older thing is the fact that I don’t recover from injury like I did in the good old days of my youth. Something like I’m suffering now would have been cured pretty much overnight. Now, it’s been almost a month and still there is aching and pain.

Middle age sucks!

Oh sure, I may be more wise, be more financially secure and all that crap, but boy do I wish I could have back my 20 year old frame to handle the physical demands of my world.

Alas, it is not to be. And with that realization I need to do things, horrible things, like take a week off smacking the yellow fuzzy around the court in the hopes that my minor ailment will pack its bags and get the hell gone.

A lot of the people I play tennis with are around the same age or older than I am - call it a slice of our current demographic - and they tell me the same thing, which I don’t want to hear. Get hurt, wait a good month, sometimes months, for the injury to sort itself out.


So today will not be a day of tennis, but a day of slaying, killing, and general delving into the destruction of evil instead. Oh, I mean D&D.

I’m running a campaign again. Our gaming group sort of stopped this silliness about two years ago, and I thought I would start it up again. And today is the kick off.

All I can say is the campaign I’m running is a manufactured one (meaning a bough module) that will take characters to level 10 where they will confront themselves in a cave . . . oh, wait, that’s Lucas . . . um, they will confront the ultimate evil and either vanquish it or die trying.

Good, clean, intellectual non-physical fun.

Oh, and on the trying to not hurt myself front I purchased a new lawn mower. It’s a corded type and it weighs about one tenth of my old rechargeable unit. My back rejoices at what my mind did for it.

And on the reading front I’m currently going through Albert Speer’s “Inside the Third Reich” and yes, it is fascinating. I seem to have this problem of not getting enough information on the reasons behind why German citizens threw out their collective brains in the 1930s and continued to do so right up until the mid 1940s. If you are interested in the inner thinking of Germany during that time Albert gives a pretty darn good look at it.

Well, I’ve rambled on enough and I don’t’ want to strain my wrist too much more.

Old age, can’t shoot it and . . . oh, wait . . . nevermind.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, June 19, 2011

daddy day

Seems to me I was supposed to have this relaxing Father’s Day which was to include getting a new BBQ since our old one died a couple of years ago.

But I forgot that today I’m playing tennis for two hours right smack dab in the middle of the day.

I love playing tennis, but this puts the thumbscrews on the family plans. I forgot to write my tennis activity on our activity calendar so the day looked completely free. My bad.

So, I’m going to be a busy boy today, and a tired one as well while my family tries to think of things to do for me while I’m not around.

Then, when I get back from the courts, my daughter is off in the late afternoon to a friend’s house to work on a school project.

And is it really true that humans will exceed the ten billion mark by 2100 . . . that’s just, well, a recipe for complete global meltdown. Just think of how many more dads there will be then, and how little food to go around.

But, that is a long way off and is a time I will never see unless medical science makes such incredible leaps as to allow me to live another 89 years . . .yeah, not gonna happen I think. At best, looking at the law of averages, I’ve got another 30 tops, 40 if I eat my greens and exercise and avoid bullets.

Even my daughter doesn’t stand good odds of seeing that date. And, hell, isn’t the world supposed to come to some kind of final close in 2012 according to the ancient Mayans anyhow?

I see you rolling your eyes along with me on that one. What is it with the human race always wanting to predict its ultimate demise?

And, technically, as of June 1st, I‘ve been away from cubicle hell for two full years now. I’m looking, feeling and smelling better than I ever have the past two decades plus. Best decision I ever made with regards to “what I want to be when I grow up”.

Either that, or I’m delusional, which may be the case. Still, at-home-dad suits me to a T, and my family agrees.

Last night we had an outdoor reading night. It was pretty damn neat, but I must confess my short story was not complete and I didn’t want to read the first part of it and then leave it hanging. I can tell you the title of it - “Pieces of Hate”.

I’ll say no more about it now except it is, yup, another creepy tale.

Well, seems this day includes many a thing to do and will be chopped up into incovenient time chuncks, so I best be getting at it. Being a dad is great, and I’m going to make the best of this, my day, and so should all you other fathers out there.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, June 12, 2011

greener grass

Seems most of us are always looking for greener grass . . . for me, I don’t look for grass at all. In fact I hate grass unless it grows wild on the Serengeti.

Which leads me into a mission I must undertake this week before my lawn starts to resemble a Brazilian rain forest.

I need a new lawn mower. It’s not that my old one doesn’t work anymore, it’s just that it’s too damn heavy for me to push around without risking serious injury.

It’s one of those rechargeable electric ones - problem is its battery is about forty pounds. Couple this with the already forty pound unit sitting on four small wheels and it’s murder on my middle back.

And my back needs to be in working order if I’m to continue to play tennis in the future. So, I’ll be off to get a light-weight plug in model with big honking wheels - I’m thinking 15 inch.

Enough of my lawn and back problems.

On the creative front, I’ve started in on another short story this week. Yup, it is creepy. Yup, it involves pain, suffering, deceit, lies, no sex, but organ transplants. Enough said.

Also this week I scored big at the local auction. I picked up several new board games: Axis and Allies, Scene It Deluxe Edition, the original Trivial Pursuit. With them I also scooped 6 brand new unopened computer games for . . . wait for it . . .

. . . 13 bucks.

Now, my current Axis and Allies game sports double the plastic bits - hey, these things get me excited . . . okay, my life may be sad, but you are reading this, no?

And one of the computer games is Painkiller. It’s a first person shooter from the mid 2000's. Runs absolutely flawlessly on my killer machine. It’s a good shooter that you can swallow a few hordes of enemies at a time.

On the book reading front I’ve started and aborted two in recent days. One was “The Gardens of the Moon” be Stephen Erikson. Just didn’t want to wade through another 600 pages after already reading 200. Also, the series seems to be pretty much endless and each book seems to pack in at least 1000 pages. Gave it a try. It failed for me.

The other aborted book was the sixth part of “Douglas Adams” “Hitchhikers” series. I know what you are thinking - hey, the guy is dead and there is no 6th part. Well, true. But that didn’t stop publishers from hiring the “Artemis Fowl” author to try his hand at one.

Another fail. Lots of homage stuff to Adam’s original material but, hey, when I want tears of laughter running down my cheeks I’ll just pick up my original Adam’s copies and read them again.

Well, I can see by the length of this post that most of you have already left for greener internet pastures.

So, with nothing more left to relate, I’ll be off lawn mower hunting.

Until next Sunday . . .

Sunday, June 05, 2011

adult games

Yes, I frequently play them . . . and I think everybody else should too . . . well, adults, I mean.

And by games - I’m talking board, electronic, sports and role playing.

As you may have gathered from twitter and right here I play a lot of tennis and yes, I love it. Not gonna have a career in it, but love it all the same.

And board games I adore too. The bigger, with more bits, strategy elements and cards etc. I get immersed in when I can find other like minded nuts to participate with me.

Then there are the electronic versions. Lately I’ve been absorbed by Plants vs. Zombies. Damn fine game if ever there was one.

If you haven’t seen the Plants vs. Zombies credits, especially the music video, you need to. It’s absolute genius and doubly great if you’ve already played the game. However, you can still enjoy the credits even if you’ve never played the game. Go, find it on YouTube right now and watch.

And our group D&D sessions should be starting up again this month after about a year or two hiatus. Been too long, but going to be fun. Oh, and I’m not big on the playing a role part, but the imagination and creation aspects of the game are enough to carry our group along nicely.

So I know what you are thinking - this guy doesn’t do a lick of work! Well, contrary to that opinion, I keep the household in order.

If you think that is not a lot of work, well buster (or busterette) have I got news for you.

Okay, maybe I spend a bit more of my time playing vs working, but hey - I already spent 20 years locked in the “cubicle from hell”, so I deserve it.

Which reminds me now I have absolutely zero ties to GM now. What a relief. I don’t own any of their products, and never will again, and have no financial binds through pension etc. I took my cash out of them and invested it myself. Would you trust a company that went bankrupt once to handle your pension cash?

Well, I can see by the clock on the wall that it’s time for me to ga . . . er, . . . do some, um, housework.

Until next Sunday . . .