Sunday, May 15, 2011

got me a new pair


It’s been about five weeks of running around the clay courts on bald treads, but yesterday, after finding a pair of good quality clay court Head tennis shoes this week, I did an hour of tennis aerobics and the difference in grip was astounding.

Instead of slipping around the court, and subsequently tiring myself out needlessly, I had superior traction and used a lot less energy. I was therefore much less tired after the session.

Today I take to the courts for two hours of doubles.

I only hope the five hours of sleep I had last night doesn’t wipe out the good a new pair of shoes will do me on the court.

You see, last night was reading night for our writing group and afterwards we had a long drive home in the rain and the new old car.

The 2008 Kia Rio I bought two days ago, which still has a full 2 year 40,000 KM warranty attached to it, was our mode of transportation for last night’s outing. What follows will be my mini-review of said set of wheels.


The 1.6 litre engine does not have a lot of power and going up a long, long hill it sounded like a lawn mower hitting a thick patch of grass with the blade set too low. It made the hill, but performance suffered and we were definitely losing speed by the time we made the crest.

And as far as exterior road noise impinging on the interior, well, it was pretty high. The insulation is not great and you could hear the rain water slapping up against the wheel wells as well as rain pinging against the door panels when we were caught in a cross wind.

But overall, despite those two obvious limitations, I am really happy with it and it gets great gas mileage which is easy to take with today’s gas price gouging going on.

And the purchase price was absolutely rock bottom. I couldn’t be happier with the ride. And my daughter has christened it, Putt Putt. Okay, I’ll buy that name.

Well, as my brain is sleep deprived I will pass on only two more things today.

Thing 1. I’m working away at preparing a new D&D campaign for our gaming group. It will take lowly 1st levels all the way to 10th for the grand finale.

Thing 2. Okay, this is embarrassing . . . I can’t remember Thing 2.

This can only mean my brain has fallen back to sleep while my body continues in autopilot. To try to produce any more cogent written thoughts would be futile.

So . . .

Until next Sunday . . .

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