Sunday, April 17, 2011

tipping the scales

Remember all that griping about eating less, exercising more and seeing absolutely no change in my bulk?

Well . . . it seems this morning I’m seeing a difference to the tune of 6.8 lbs of mass shed.

Yes, this makes me happy.

Yes, but it’s also taken three weeks of intensive exercising (5 days out of 7) and eating right (7 days out of 7) to achieve this.

But those sacrifices brought me 6.8 lbs closer to my ultimate goal of losing a total of 21.8 lbs. Once achieved, I’m going to feel good about stepping onto the tennis courts and smacking that yellow fuzzy ball with true confidence and teaching others to do the same.

You see, when I was ranked a 6.0 in tennis I was, well, 26.8 lbs lighter than I was three weeks ago. Now, I’m not silly enough to think I could actually get back to my 19 year old level of fitness and weight, so I’ve added 5 extra pounds to my ultimate fitness weight goal . . . call then experience pounds.

As you know, if you’ve hung around this site at all, I’m very “goal” oriented.

I don’t always make my goal, but I always have one. It’s the carrot hanging in front of my nose that I move towards in hope of a nibble.

Keeps me focused.

Keeps me hungry.

Doesn't keep me from being omnivorous . . .

. . . Anyhow, in pursuing my second career as a Tennis Pro, I’ve been completing pre-course materials for the Tennis Instructor course and learning a few things - like, if you serve the ball and bean it off your opponent’s head, or any other part of him or his equipment, - it’s your point . . .

. . . hey, I don’t make the rules, I just need to learn them and pass them on to others.

As the time grows nearer to this second career, I’m getting more excited about it. And I’ve been playing tennis four times a week which is going a long way to getting my old tennis muscles back . . . as well as few old man aches which I don’t recall getting when I was 19 . . .

Maybe those five extra pounds are aches, and not experience pounds?

Well, today I’m hitting the doubles courts again for a two hour match. I’ve been climbing up that particular club league’s ladder steadily, and if I perform well today I will move on to court 2 of 5 next week. If not, well then it will be right back to following my routine of eating proper foods and exercising.

Until next Sunday . . .

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