Sunday, April 24, 2011

none too happy

Seems my weight loss initiative has died and gone to fat heaven . . .

After four weeks of rigorous exercise and “trying” to eat less, I’ve only lost a grand total of four pounds . . .

. . . that, my friends, sucks.

I have kept track and have not consumed more than 2000 calories per day.

My Final Solution.

Look to history for some lessons learned.

And by history, I mean Leningrad, 1942.

The average citizen was eating only 300 calories a day . . . granted, most of them were dying in the streets of starvation, but they were looking much thinner than they had in 1940.

It was a ghastly time in history and I’m not making light of that horrible situation . . . but what I learned from reading about it is this - if you want to lose weight, you need to pretty much eat next to nothing.

And so, in my “gotta-have-a-plan-mentality” I’m adopting an altered Leningrad starvation diet commencing this very day and for the future.

I know, it’s Easter Sunday, the day when you are supposed to gorge on chocolate and turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing and pie . . . well, not me.

Even though all of these things will be offered up to me in vast quantities, I’m not touching any of it . . . Well, okay a tiny, and I mean very tiny, portion of turkey and accompanying treats - But that will be it!

Can you tell I’m getting frustrated by my lack of success.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am feeling much stronger and my tongue hangs only half-out during tennis instead of dragging full-out on the clay courts now, but that, I'm afraid, is just not good enough.

My official Tennis Instructor course starts this Friday night and I plan on being few pounds lighter then than I am right now.

Okay, enough obsessing over my never diminishing bulk. I’ll get on to other things . . . like how I haven’t played, or ran, a good game of D&D is way too long.

I’ve got the urge to construct a module and torture some friends once more just like the good old days of gaming past.

Arkham Horror seems to have totally displaced the old D&D pen and paper game with our gaming group . . . which is a bit sad.

I may need to do something about this very soon.

Well, I’m off to play two hours of tennis so I must away. And no, I’m not eating any chocolate no matter how much is screams at me to consume it.

LaLaLaLalalalalalalalalala . . . I can’t hear you, chocolate!

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Zilla's Other Half10:10 am

    As much as you may have realized you're not 20 anymore with regards to some of your activities, your body likely will not take kindly to a starvation diet either. The combo of appropriate eating and the good exercise you're getting (as well as maybe targeted core exercises for the middle bits) should continue to trim things up. Remember, some of the weight loss off-set is you gaining muscle mass again.
    And yes - I'd love another D&D session!

  2. Grondzilla11:17 pm

    What she's far more likely that your weight *change* plan is about first modifying what is there in the first place and then having some of the excess drift away. But a month of this is like the merest blink of an eye...without resorting to some type of extreme. Keep on track for *another* month and I bet you those additonal four (or however many) pounds will be gonzo.

    I'm down with RPing as well but I suspect getting back to our old 'Quorum' will be difficult...too many other bits of life pulling those folks many different ways. Tis a shame. Still game to try though.

  3. Well, by starvation, I mean eating "good" food just not a lot of it. Thinking around the 1600 calorie mark.

    And as for gaming, I'm thinking of starting up a low level campaign with no real obligations. By this I mean whoever can play plays, and whoever can't can't as the story unfolds.

    More to follow, if you follow me.