Sunday, April 10, 2011

follow through

Well, it’s all about to change . . .

. . . my life, that is.

I’m all enrolled and ready to go starting April 29th.

For what, you ask?

Why, to become a Tennis Pro, of course.

I know it’s late in life to head in this direction, but I’ve always loved playing the game and spending time on the court in any capacity.

Oh, and by Tennis Pro, I don’t mean I’m joining the men’s ATP tour or anything (the worst of those young guys, blindfolded and hobbled, would clean my clock so fast I wouldn’t even see it coming) No, what I mean by Tennis Pro, is Tennis Instructor.

Second careers are all in vogue these days . . . no?

I’ve had a long time away from cubicle hell now to think this decision over, and I’ve reviewed my tennis history during that time. Over the past 33 years I’ve belonged to 6 tennis clubs, played in many tournaments, house leagues and cross-club leagues. At my first club in Toronto, way back when, I was ranked a 6.0. And, if I may say so, 3 decades plus later, I’m still not half bad.

So, the more I got thinking about it, the more I thought, hey, maybe I should get a job where I can stay in shape smacking balls around, spend time in my favourite place while instilling in others the love of the game.

Tennis is a sport you can play your entire life, which is a huge draw for any person wanting to live an active lifestyle. I know a person, from a previous club, who is 91 years old and still playing. Okay, he may not be the fastest person on the court, but he is on the court! Just awesome, and inspirational I might add.

So, there you have it. I’ll still be writing and dabbling in music creations as a hobby, but my new career will be on the courts helping others find out just how great a game tennis really is.

I suppose I’ll have to change my blog a bit to reflect these new developments. But that is what life is really all about - changes.

On the mundane end of things it looks like we won’t be going down to one car after all. I’ll need a set of wheels to pursue my new career and so I’m starting to look for an inexpensive second car to buzz me back and forth from the local tennis clubs.

I have to tell you that I’m half-excited as well as half-scared. I’ll be in this course with a bunch of teenagers . . . which is okay, I guess, as long as they keep to old man jokes to a minimum.

Until next Sunday . . .


  1. Zilla's Other Half10:18 am

    Good luck. You'll be fine. Isn't it wonderful to finally find the thing you really enjoy doing?

  2. Grondzilla11:18 pm

    I recommend a golf cart.