Sunday, March 27, 2011

successful failures

This past week has been an exercise is contrasts.

Failures mixed with successes just about every other day.

And what is with the weather? . . . this Spring is looking a lot like Christmas . . . enough already!

So, on the failure front my short story was rejected. Par for the course. Now I need to hunt down another magazine to send it off to. No big deal . . . this happens to writers all the time.

An even bigger failure? - our government is determined to be even more moronic than normal . . . yet again. We are set to have another useless election in just over a month. Oh, joy.

However, success came in the form of leaping through the final fiery hoop on Friday and getting the small loan we were after. Only took three weeks and much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair . . . but it finally came through.

On the writing front then, a failure - I achieved the cube root of nothing because of the frequent bank visits and phone calls to creditors . . . etc.

The music front this week was similarly a bust.

But to relieve the stress and irritation I found another guitar hero guitar for cheap, and my daughter and I rocked down together which, I must say, is too much fun.

I managed to hook up a small stereo system I own complete with sub-woofer and it sounds absolutely great. Now if only those Metallica songs weren’t so damn impossible to complete . . .

Another success came in the form of finally being rid of both my GM cars . . . financially anyhow. I still have the Cobalt for another month and a half but then . . . Good riddance!

Never, ever, ever again will I own or have anything to do with General Motors.

And another huge success . . . well maybe huge feel good is a better description . . . I played tennis again for the first time in seven months. Man, I miss smacking the old ball around the court!

There is an indoor tennis court only fifteen minutes from my place where, for a small fee, I can participate in tennis aerobics. What that consists of is a tennis instructor firing balls at you for an entire hour until you feel like you are going to die . . . which, quite frankly after not playing for seven months, I did.

I still feel the pain today . . . four days later. But man do I need that kind of workout. I’m making it part of my master plan to participate in this torture at least once a week from now on in the hopes of shedding some pounds and getting back in shape.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’m sure next week I’ll have more to relay.

Until next Sunday . . .

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